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anti*commander's explorer

It's about time i put up some pictures of my explorer. It's a 1999 XLT with 130000 miles on it and still running strong without a problem.

Current mods:
auto zone shackles :D
power acoustik ****-12
power acoustik ps2-1800
1 run of 0 GA wire
secondary gel cell battery
all the interior lights changed to blue LED's (besides vanity mirrors and rear passenger lights)
painted some engine plastic
dual XDM7610 head unit
lights in vents
hidden garage door opener

These are some night shot's, i'll put up some day shots tomorrow.







Swith functions:
Top silver - Headunit run off second battery while car is off
Bottom silver - Up position second battery connected when car is on
Middle position second battery manual disconnect
Bottom position second battery manual/self jump
Middle blue - Carputer
Second blue - footwell and vent lights


Button functions:

Black - Garage door opener
Red - Carputer on/hibernate






Please tell me what you think :)

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Interior looks good. I want to switch everything to blue in my truck, I think it would look pretty good with the silver exterior. And I see a hacky sack, nice :thumbsup:

Anti -

I've wanted to change all the interior lights to red in my rig. How difficult was the switch to blue? I wanted to just color the bulbs, instead of switching to LEDs...

It looks great! :thumbsup:

It wasn't too hard. The overhead lights i just made breadboards with 9 wide angle LED's on each. The switches were maybe a halfe hour for each side, the center console took a half hour and the gauge cluster took about 3 hours.

Do you have any links/pictures for me on the process? I've heard the gauge cluster is a nightmare.

Nice job, looks just like mine!

I'm sorry but i don't have any pictures of the gauge cluster during the process. When i did the cluster, i had just gotten my wisdom teeth removed that day, so i was a lil' drugged up but still remeber vividly.

I'll do a write up when i get my new tires because i have to re-calibrate my speedo and the easiest way i know of is to pop off the needle and drive by my neighbors radar gun until i get it right.

Not a big fan of foot well lights, but that is a sexy looking dash! Good job

dude, i dont know who told you that poping off the needle and driving by a radar gun is a good way to recalibrate the speedo, but whoever it was is an idiot. lets just say for instance that you were driving by the radar gun at 55 mph, and when you hit that speed, you popped the needle on so that it was showing 55. from that point on, the only time your speedo would be accurate is if you are driving 55. any other speed you are going will be inaccurate. the only way to accurately adjust your speedo is to have the computer reprogramed.

the reason for this is because the computer is programed to a specific tire size, so it adjusts how many RPMs the vehicle needs to get to that speed, how and when the abs will need to work, and much more. to put things in perspective, just imagine taking your wheels and tires off and putting tricycle wheels on it and driving around. in this case, your explorers computer would think that your driving about 150 miles per hour when you are really going about 25, because the wheels are so small. this puts added and unneeded stress on your motor and transmission. you may not think that just a little change would be that big of a deal, but any change to a vehicle can make a big difference. so basically, you will most likely end up spending more money in the long run by just popping off the needle and putting it back on then you will by just going to a place and having the computer reprogrammed.

Well as true as that is you may want to consider WHY he has to recalibrate the speedo before you spout off with a whole bunch of misled crap. He needs to calibrate it because he pulled it off to do the leds in the gauge cluster not because he changed tires (yet that is).

That looks awesome. Please do a tech article on the conversion.

i have testing all this week (ACT and some state stuff), but after this week i will for sure get an article up containing write ups for as much as i can cover and make sense of.

Stupid question, how did you program the button to open your garage door?

looks awesome

i just took apart the generic garage door opener and then wired up an external switch to it, not too complicated at all.

I will have pictures up soon of the window/lock switches. I need to get a new module though because i f'd up my current one while trying to take pictures of the completed product.