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anti freeze leak??!!!


December 22, 2002
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95 XLT
wassup guys, i got a 95 xlt, i just started notice a little spot of liquid coming from under my truck, my temp gauge stays just a little above C (cold), no where near the middle, at first i thought it was a gauge problem, cause my after the trips i would look under the hood to see if it was boiling and it was not, i'm thinking cracked radiator, maybe thermostat, i know the thermostat would overheat the car, but keep it cold? anyhelp PLEASE?!!!

Yes you have a bad thermostat, but it's not causing your leak. Check the radiator really well, they tend to leak.

dam the thermostat, sorry to bother, how hard is it to do? like any other car? would air in the coolant system be an issue here?

it could also be the heater control valve. do a searc, it's real easy to fix