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Anti-Sway Bars


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November 14, 1999
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Hello, has anyone tried the Anti-Sway Bars From Hellwig "Sport Tech Anti-Sway Bars". If so please let me know how you like them.....thx

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I can't say anything for the Hellwigs, but I do have the Explorer Express X-Spec sway bars and I love them. A definite improvement over stock handling.

body roll

Do these prevent body roll when cornering? I just installed a body lift and would like to corner without having slow down so much. It really feels like I'm going to go over when I corner. If the sway bar isn't a mod for this then what is? Poly bushings or what?


The sway bar is more for when your truck/car is lower to the ground or is at least at stock height. I am not an expert at this, but I do think that putting them on a lifted vehicle could be dangerous b/c you would be more prone to tipping (even higher center of gravity). Once a vehicle is raised, you shouldn't try to take turns sharply at all.... you are just asking for trouble.

rear swaybar will improve road handling on lifted vehicles...

A thicker swaybar will help minimize body roll. So will poly bushings.
You hear about many of the modifieds removing their swaybar or adding disconnects on the front swaybar linkage. This is for increased articulation (suspension travel) during four-wheeling.
A swaybar ungrade will help the "feel" of your rig through turns but don't get a false sense of security from having one. On your lifted vehicle, you still need to take it easy in the corners. The swaybar does not effect the geometry or forces applied that cause body roll. It just works to keep the body level to the road.

I've got Hellwig's front and rear anti-sway bars and to tell you the truth I didn't really notice a huge improvement. Now I am still running Ford OEM shocks so that could also be hindering the added performance of the bars. I am still undecided on what brand of shock to use. was running a 1/3 off special for first time buyers so I picked up the front and rear sway bars for just over $200 including shipping. So I don't feel that I got ripped off, I just was expecting more flatness in corners and less body roll.


I am very happy w/ my Addco front sway bar (never got the rear, but didn't feel I needed it). I got their sway bar, poly bushings and end links. Put them together w/ the Edlebrock shocks, and the truck was solid in the corners (even w/ the torsion lift and 31's). Addco products are available at Pepboys, and they have a web site as well. Just do a search on Addco. Good luck,

I don't know about the Hellwigs but my Neuspeed Sway bars are excellent. I can take corners like a champ now!