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Anti-theft bypass?


August 30, 2010
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'99 XLT
I have a 99 Explorer that got the window broken out a couple days ago and I decided to get an alarm system with remote start. It's a Viper 5701 and i was wondering if I'll need a bypass for the remote start and if so where can I get one. Thanks in advance.

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Yes you will. Viper has one, and there are universal kits available. Just about every brand of alarm and remote start sell them but honestly some of the companies will wring you on the price. A good universal unit will do you just fine. You can pick them up at Pep Boys, Advance Auto, or even online pretty cheap.

Well I tried Pep Boys and I couldn't find the part plus the lady had no idea what I was even talking about. So I'll probably try Car Toys or online somewhere. I think the alarm I got has a special place where it goes on the main unit so I probably need to find one that will fit there. Thanks.

Most alarms have an output that triggers the bypass before the remote start process begins, thats how they work. That output ties into the bypass input wire. I know Pep Boys has them. They are with the car accessories, switches, lighting, alarms and such. I believe it is part # 791 Universal Bypass Module. If you get it at Car Toys they'll hit you up for it. If you go online just make sure its universal and works with PATS.

Alright I was probably just looking in the wrong spot, I'll have to make a second pass later ;). Thanks again.

Also you'll need a spare key for the bypass. If you already have 2 keys you can just get it cut at home depot and program it yourself. And when you put it in the bypass unit you take a pair of snips and cut the end off so it can't be used.

Another option is to buy an sct x-cal 3 tuner, PATS can be disabled in the tune file. You'll need to buy it from someone that does custom tunes. does most of the tuning on the this site. I'm pretty sure he still throws in a couple of custom tunes with the tuner for free.

Yes that will work for you.