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Anti-wrap bar install and pics

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The anti-wrap bar from is a complete kit and very good for somebody with a welder. I got my anti-wrap bar second hand so it came with the 3 ft bars, but for the Explorer, I would opt for the 4 ft bars as I ended up sliding the 1.5" tube into the 2" tube for the lower link and welding. I then got some 1.5" 1/4" wall tube to use for the top link and the frame crossmember.

I had to relocate my muffler since the anti-wrap bar wanted to occupy the same space, but thats okay cause there is lots of room where the spare tire used to reside. Pics of that to follow as I am on my way to the exhaust shop right now.


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Looks good:chug: Have you checked for binding when flexed?

Looks good:chug: Have you checked for binding when flexed?

Not yet, but I don't forsee a problem. It terminates at the same spot as my drive shaft and with both sides fully drooped, it worked perfect.

The exhaust is done. Muffler tucked up nice in the old spare tire location and now exits behind the rear drivers wheel.

However, while it was up on the rack at the exhaust shop, I noticed a slight difference in the clocking position of the rear callipers. Upon closer inspection, the axle end flange bolts are also about 2 to 3 degrees different. So I apparently rotated the passenger side axle tube in the diff housing. Oh well, both spring perches and shock mounts are all new and already welded on, and I already welded my axle tubes to the diff housing. With a couple of 4 inch beads with the MIG. The rest will be completed at Bens house with the stick welder and some good rod designed for the cast iron diff.


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I bet it makes a difference when in the deep or tricky stuff. Looks sturdy and mean, I like it a lot. Nice routing for your exhaust too.