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Antifreeze flowing from the overflow


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February 1, 2008
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The Poconos, PA
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'92 XLT
OK, this problem has been confusing me for some time now. It's a '92 Explorer XLT automatic. When I drive the engine temp shows it's pretty cool, then all of the sudden it will skyrocket and the heat goes out. When I pull over, the overflow bottle is pouring out antifreeze. Here is the list of things to cut back the "try this" stuff. I have replaced the thermostat 3 times (tested each one in a pot of boiling water), replaced the head gasket and all the gaskets that come in the Felpro gasket kit. I do not have a leak from the weep holes of the water pump (ruled out the water pump because it is basically what pushes the coolant up, right). I have done a flush using the Prestone Flush Kit. Seems like if I keep the radiator half full (where it has pumped out coolant already) it runs better. Could it be that I need a new radiator? Also the radiator cap is a new 13lb cap. It has happened in warm weather and in the cold (freezing temps). Why do things always seem to break down when the weather is crap for doing any kind of repairs in the driveway (icy freezing outside)? Is there a lower temp thermostat I can get that will open sooner?????


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January 21, 2006
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Vancouver, WA
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'94 XLT, 4dr
The temp spike that you see on the gauge, could be an elec. issue. But, I doubt it's the cause of the overflow condition.

So, I'll assume that the temp is in fact spiking and causing the overflow.

Thus, I'd want to KNOW that the radiator was properly functioning, that there was no blockage in the system and that the water pump was actually doing it's job too.

And, I don't exactly know.......what you meant when you said that the water pump pushes the coolant up. But, you should be able to see the coolant/water circulating through the radiator with the cap off.

BTW........when you re-fill the radiator.......remember to burp it before closing it up for the day.

Aloha, Mark