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Antifreeze smell on startup


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February 2, 2002
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1998 Mountaineer AWD
It seems lately when I start my Ex I can sometimes smell Antifreeze. I have parked over clean snow several times and let it run with absoulutely no dripping or visible leaking. It doesn't lose fluid from the coolant tank. nothing under the truck is wet. I don't think I have noticed it it when my block heater was turned on. Could I have a head gasket leak that seals when the engine warms up? It doesn't run hotter than normal. Any ideas??

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I had a similar problem on an 80 something mustang and it turned out to be a bad heatercore

I' don't thinks its the heater core

My truck doesn't smell or fog up inside, and the floors are dry, so I'm inclined to belive it's something else. The only time I smell it is when I'm outside. I'm going to do a thorough check of all the hoses.

On my 95 I had the same thing and it ended up being the heater hose control valve under the hood by the blower motor, the valve was leaking on the exhust it had a stain on it from the small leak i think the cost like $15. for the part. good luck


Yep definitely heater control valve. I had the same problem.

Me too, heater control valve. Fixing it as I type matter o' fact.