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August 14, 2017
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Just throwing this out there....:confused2:

Hoping this can turn into a 'How To'. I am pretty sure this has been talked about, but I cant find a thread/discussion on it. It could be as simple as...Here it is! w/ a link.

I am doing a SAS/SOA on my 2nd Gen 97 Ford (see link below on progress)

Since running a Dana 30 under my rig (for now) - I found a great article on how to upgrade the brakes from the single to dual piston calipers from a Grand Cherokee (Akebono style)

You can see from the pictures below the differences between the two. :thumbsup:

You can also see from the Grand Cherokee Knuckles there are AntiLock sensors (see pictures of cables below) and the axles (more like a CV joint) have the ABS ring associated with it. Some of the problems associated with swaps like this is you lose the Ford AntiLock system and the BIG yellow light stays on in the dash - Forever. :eek:

Can the Antilock (ABS) sensors and axles - be incorporated or wires spliced into the Ford AntiLock (ABS) system? Will this be problematic from the beginning? I am not sure how the system works, is there any data that shows how this system works w/ the sensor and rings?

I was thinking of swapping in the Grand Cherokee axles and hubs, splice in the sensors...and give it a try...

I'm not opposed to not using, even removing the AntiLock (ABS) pump... and going direct to the master cylinder - but I try to keep the functionality of all systems where I reasonably can.

:bounce:Throw your suggestions or experience out there; lets see if it will stick! :bounce:

Thanks for your help and feedback.



I'm just wild guessing here so bear with me...
Do both systems just use a tone ring with a magnetic pickup and two wires? If so, the only issue is getting a trigger wheel with the right number of teeth to match the stock explorer wheel and a sensor in position to measure it.