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any difference in owners manuals 91-94?


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September 28, 2004
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james island, sc
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98 5.0 mountie
trying to get all the odds/ends that were missing when I got my 91 4x4.

it didn't have an owners manual set w/case so I'm trying to get one.

mostly I find 93 and 94 stuff in good to great shape but I'm hesitant to buy one since I dont know if there's a lot changed between 91 and 94...

do I NEED a 91 only set or can I get any of them from 92-94?? I dont care about the books saying a different year on the cover as long as the info inside is correct.

Well.....91s have minor differences....

In 91 the cover to the book was still a hard Ford folder thing.
Also, since 91 has a different wiper switch and fuse holder, the book will be off by a bit on those.

The 93-94 books wont be much help for checking fuses under the hood. the power dist. box is totally different.

Your best bet is to find a 91-92 book. the 92 has yellow pages in the back maintenance section.

Radios are slightly different too