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Any interest in purchasing single OEM Sport tires for full size spare?


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May 20, 2013
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2013 Explorer Sport
So if the dealership won't honor the tire warranty for my defective tire that split on the sidewall, I'd hate to just buy one new $200 Hankook to replace it. I'm personally not a big fan of how they look, I'm an aggressive tire type of person and really want to put some toyo's or something wider on it.

The tires only have 9,000 miles on them, they look practically brand new. I was just curious if there's interest from people if they'd want to buy one of the stock tires as a full size spare? Check out how stupidly tiny the factory spare is. I thought it was at least a full height donut. It's not, it's only 27" tall vs. the stock 29" tall tires. The whole car leans to the corner with the donut. So not only is it super skinny like a donut, it's 2" shorter. I don't even want to drive around the block with this embarassing thing on! And with the dealership closing at 4:30, I can't even get there until Friday. I wish I had a full size spare in the shed that I could toss on in these scenarios. Donut for emergency only, then full size spare for these times when it takes a few days to get a replacement. I'm not the kind of guy to go to NTB and throw on whatever mismatched tire or keep things stock.

Look how ridiculous this thing is, I know it's a donut, but come on, at least make it full height lol.



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What a joke-especially that the dealership closes at 4:30, my dealerships service dept. closes at 6pm, 6 six days a week.

Would a 20"s fit in the spare tire well (donut hole), can't remember how much room there is. Check on it when the wife gets home this afternoon.

Good luck, Harley.

No a full size spare won't fit in that wheel tub. But it'd be something good to have on hand in the garage or shed, because if you got a flat on the road, you can put the donut on to get home, then mount the full size spare and you've got a safe reasonable way to drive around till you get the flat fixed. Or just keep it as a tire only, and have a tire ready to go if you do get a flat or something. Just swing by a tire shop and they can swap one out for another. These Hankook Optimo's probably aren't too common of an on the shelf tire at most places like the Hankook Ventus are.

Having no full size spare shows how much Ford is getting the Ex away from off roading.

No way anybody is going anywhere with that donut on the beach - which is where you will find me. Standard equipment in a beach vehicle is tow ropes if stuck, longer boards to put under the tires if stuck and nobody around to pull you out, a hand shovel, and a board that is 16x16 inches and about a 1/2 inch thick to put your jack on in the sand to change a flat.

Now, I already have a primary beach car at my vacation house, but if this Ex where to replace that, I'd have to buy a full size spare and keep it in the back. Getting towed ten feet out of where you are stuck by a tow truck on Nantucket is $350 cash (hence tow ropes for other people to help if around) and getting towed all the way to a paved road from way up Great Point to change a flat and put that donut on would be $500. AAA not accepted for this.

yup it's pretty lame the donut is so tiny. It would look okay on a focus, but looks downright scary on a full size explorer. I understand a full size wouldn't fit, but at least make it equal height so it's not pitched to that corner.

So is picking up a stock full size spare tire on anyone's mod list agenda? Just trying to get an idea if it's something people would consider to help me make my decision on going with a full set of aftermarket tires, or getting stuck with just one more OEM.