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Any new ideas on removing shifter knob

Air-Borne Range

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June 1, 2006
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2005 Edge
I'm about to cut my shifter knob off my 05' Ranger. Any one got any new ideas for removing them with out destrying the stock knob, beside pulling on it real hard and cutting it off? My understand is the stock knob is pressed on a splined shaft. If I have to destroy it to get it off, anyone know what size the shaft is so I can make sure I have a properly sized replacement?

It could be different than the first gen (91-94) Explorers, but I think it was glued on. I haven't heard of one being pressed on the shifter, but I may be wrong. If it is pressed on though, maybe you could use a puller to get it off (if it's got a small flat spot around the bottom like mine did) Good luck