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any New York Rigs?


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March 7, 2004
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99 Explorer 5.0 AWD "SVT"
anybody in the Albany ish area that wants/knows of trails...i kinda wanta get something togahter??

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Im from Rochester, and im interested in doing some, but I dont know of any trails

i no of a few lil trails not much big ones, any one less in NY??

Subscribing... A buddy of mine goes to college near Albany, and I'm up there often. Wouldn't mind hitting some trails, if there are legal ones to wheel on.

lol there all legal as long as u dont get cought

I'd only be willing to wheel on a legal trail. Since many/most of us are stock, as mentioned in the other thread, it would be great to find a trail or two that is doable for stock. Ideal location would be between Albany and NYC.

well ill be lookin as long as you guys are lookin also

I'm looking and asking everyone I know

A bunch of us are headin to Paragon in Hazleton, PA this sunday (7/10) if any of you are interested, we'll be wheelin sunday and hittin a huge 4x4 show in bloomsburg, PA on Sat.

More info can be found here: Bloomsburg 4x4 show / Paragon run

From everyone I've talked to and the club sites I've looked at, seasonal roads are going to be our best (legal) bet. maybe better suited to our mostly stock status.

ok do you have any in mind?

I have been e-mailing with a club in the Albany area. They have a run planned for the 20th of Aug. They tell me that stock trucks have come with them before on this run and have done fine.

I'm out if it's August 20th. :(