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Any Saturn Owners still out there?


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August 10, 2016
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2004 Explorer Ed. Bauer

I've been driving nothing but Saturns since 1992.
1992 SL2
1997SC2 (present ride) 253K on body, 70K on rebuilt engine
1995 SC2 (formerly wife's car) 233K and going with Nephew
2008 Vue (wife's ride until I totaled it in a 5 mph accident)

So wife now has a 2014 Ford Escape.

Anyone needing tech help on Sattys-----feel free to ask me--I will help where i can.
I'm kind of an S-car guy, but I can help w the other models.

In he spirit of full disclosure, I am also moderator at a saturn tech website but I will not post the site link here as I am pretty sure that would be interpreted as me trying to "promote myself for personal gain". Which I'm not.

I do not own the site.
I am not paid by the site.
I do not work for the site
I am not involved in advertising the site to generate profit or clickthroughs.

I just like to help people repair and keep Sattys on the road --especially the S cars....