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Any V8 STA owners in and around Harrisburg PA


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May 9, 2016
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86 SR5 > Rust Free
I'm on the hunt, I have not seen one or drove one, yet I would like to buy one, based on just what I read, videos, reviews, maintenance, costs to own and usability.

Not to mention great looking body lines, I love the styling inside and out, seemly great power and response as well, not a CVT type transmission.

The only thing I do not like is the MPG, that seems to land around 13-15 MPG never ever exceeding 22 MPG, highway only.

I would like to at least see one before buying it sight unseen lol. I have seen non STA's models, but not a V8 STA.


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If you are in the Pocono Mountains, you might catch a glimpse of Old Man Flounder and his red '08 Adrenalin V8. It is a rust-free garage queen. He sent me this picture about a week ago, with the comment, "Gets me kinds misty! Miles are starting to mount. Time for a bigger 150."


So I sent him this in return (of my '04), with the comment, "I'm getting misty."


Good luck with your search. One of my larger regrets was not purchasing a blue V8 Adrenalin in '10. On the other hand, my '04 has taken a licking and keeps on ticking.


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