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Any Way To Accompish This?


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January 24, 2018
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‘94 Explorer
‘19 Nautilus
I have a 94 XLT
I have (2) heated mirrors which I have installed and wired up the drivers side.
On the passenger side, I would like to remove the stock convex glass(objects in mirror are closer than they appear) and replace it with regular flat mirror. I have a CDL and have gotten used to driving using only my side mirrors. Obviously big trucks do not have only the convex mirror, they have a huge flat glass mirror plus a separate convex underneath.

I thought it would be easy peasy for a glass shop, but apparently it is not. Some places don’t cut glass (that’s what they said on the phone), another said that auto glass is different than reg glass (reg glass has too much glare) and closest I got was 1 guy who said he could put a piece of regular glass on top of the convex but said it might not match up perfectly. This may end up being my only option, but I would like to explore other options.

I am seeing replacement flat glass, but it is not heated. I am seeing replacement heated glass, but it is convex. It seems the heater is part of the glass? Haven’t taken mirror glass off yet.
Is the part that the mirror glass attaches to convex? Or is it just the mirror glass itself that is convex?
If the part that the glass attaches to is flat, then I have a better shot. But if the part that the mirror attaches to is convex, that is going to make it much more difficult.

Does anyone know if Ford or anyone else ever produced flat heated mirrors for 1st gen explorers?
Is there a universal heated mirror glass that can be cut to fit the 1st gen mirror? I did find a universal cut to fit piece but again, not heated.
Is there another Ford vehicle that had similar enough flat heated mirrors that can be swapped or cut to fit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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I think the solution is to get a right hand mirror from the UK or Australia where they had right hand drive Explorers.

I am not sure about the flat glass part instead of convex, but to add a heater to a piece of mirror or glass is not that hard I have seen it done for side by sides (rzr)

Awesome ideas guys, thanks so much for the replies. I’ll check out both of them.

I think getting the flat glass is going to be the hard part. I looked into the heater pads before but not too deeply. But if I can get the flat glass then I bet I can get it to work

Well I went ahead and ordered that glass, figured it’s as close as I am going to get. The shape looks similar enough to fit in 1st gen housing, it might be a little more rounded than 1st gen glass but i’m Ok with it.

I have often looked at all the Ranger and explorer mirrors and wondered if I could put the nice 2008+ Ranger square mirrors on the Gen I or Gen II door base...
So maybe if this flat glass piece does not fit, look into using the whole top of the 2002-05 style mirror?
I wonder if anyone has done anything like this.
I have never even taken a Gen II mirror apart, not sure if it is possible, but I have wondered about it before, they look compatible........

After driving trucks for about a decade, I can’t believe it is so difficult to find a flat pass side mirror. The factory convex is helpful for seeing traffic in other lanes but i find it useless for backing up any vehicle. Plus my 4dr Explorer has a lot of glass so I can just turn my head to see traffic in the other lanes. But on a car like my Mustang , I can kind of see it’s value but not on this truck.

Interesting. I hadn't thought of that, the curved glass affecting backing up. I'll have to think on that idea, I often can't see out of the back half of my work Explorer.

Some progress...

Was a little worried taking apart my heated mirror but I went ahead.
Was able to get the glass off without breaking it but some of the clear plastic peeled off and I am pretty sure it may be damaged. I’ll put 12v to it though to see for sure.
The glass is glued on at the factory with some serious stuff. It’s clear, maybe silicone?

The round part with the teeth came off when I took it apart so hopefully I can get it back to where it belongs.


Here is mirror off, the round part stayed with the mirror.


Here is the mirror glass removed. Tiny screwdrivers and slow, even pressure did the trick.


Here is the back of the heated mirror. Notice some of the clear plastic peeled off and I can see some copper showing as well. Not sure if mirror is still operational as a heated mirror or not.


One thing that I can confirm, that I was very worried about- the backing plate behind the glass is indeed flat. I was concerned that the backing plate would be curved as well, meaning that the flat glass would be difficult to attach to the curved backing plate.
But upon initial inspection, the backing plate appears flat, and the glass itself appears to be the only curved part. Above is the backing plate. Didn’t put a straightedge to it yet but it looks pretty straight with the naked eye.


Above is the mirror glass, again no straightedge yet but it appears to be curved to the naked eye.

All I need to do now is to locate a heater pad that will fit, and install it between the backing plate and new flat glass that is on the way, then wire it up and install it.
That might end up being the hard part, as I was unable to find any UK drivers heated flat glass, only non heated. That would be the best solution and pretty much plug and play.
But we all know nothing ever goes as easily as planned haha

Thanks for reading

See if you can locate the part number for a Limited from over there, any RHD version. That might help to locate a heated mirror.

I noticed one seller on eBay stated they can cut glass to any shape, maybe they could build a flat right side which is also heated if they cut glass.

Finding the correct sized heater pad is proving difficult but i’ll Keep trying.
The UK search turned up nothing but still have to try AUS.
I have some glass on the way which should fit but there is a glass co near me that said they could cut it if I need to.
If I could find a heater pad that I could trim to fit that would be awesome but it doesn’t look that is an option.

I know alot of people use heated grip pads for atv/motorcycles to heat the mirror glass, I know they cannot be trimmed to size but they should be small enough to fit behind the glass?

Now that we live up here in the North where ICE forms on our glass you have me wanting to put heaters in the mirrors on my 1988 BII and my 97 F350 :) Should be pretty easy my mirrors are old style!!

Now I know I can get a heater pad, but the stock heater part covers the back of the entire glass surface. The heater pads I am finding are either too big and can’t be trimmed or are kinda small. Optimally I would like the heater pad to cover the whole glass surface, but it’s looking like that is not really possible, so I will have to compromise and just center it the best I can and hope for the best. It’s better than nothing I suppose.
Thanks i’ll check out heated grip pads, never thought of that

if its too big can the edges be folded back over itself so it fits the whole glass?

if its too big can the edges be folded back over itself so it fits the whole glass?

I bet it depends how thin the pads are. I need to call someplace and speak to a human and ask some questions about this stuff. IDK if folding it would mess with the circuit or not either. Some can be slightly trimmed it looks like but still not enough from my measurements.

So this is turning out to be way more of a pita than I had thought, but I am finally on the right track.
The UK mirror glass I got is also convex. I thought it was flat but it is not.
Seems the solution is to buy a West Coast style truck mirror(big rectangular mirror for big trucks) and then the glass company can cut it to fit the explorer mirror.
I will have them cut (2) in case it ever breaks so I don’t have to do this all over again.

wow that is a PITA

Yeah I ordered the mirror, once it arrives I will be back at the glass shop for the 3rd time lmao.

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