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Anybody like this one?


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I have a friend that lives there that I can get to go take it for a ride. It was traded into a dealer in Jersey in late June for a new rig and the previous owner owned it 5 more years after it got hit on the left side. They renewed the registration every year for the nest 5 years so I guess it couldn't have been that bad. I been searching hard for months for a nice clean 5.0 but there scarce around my area.

Sounds to me like no matter what opinions are, you're buying this one... Best of luck! (really) :)

No, I've been dickering with the guy for over a week now. What scares me is he hasn't told me to "piss off", lol. I've made him an offer that will make me happy. He can either take it or not. And I have a feeling he's not going to. He's relisted it on ebay and he's bidding it up again, like he did last time. And when the auction ends I'll call him and he'll say the "buyer backed out", just like last time and sooner or later he'll realize it isn't worth what he thinks.

I'll just keep driving myself nuts looking. It's just the rusty rockers and undercarriage on the 2000 limited I bought is driving me nuts.

sounds like if he re listed it he has no other people interested.. and since you are he should be willing to negotiate..

sounds like if he re listed it he has no other people interested.. and since you are he should be willing to negotiate..

the asking price is low for a dealer, unless he knows there's something seriously wrong with it. if the OP is really gonna buy it without seeing it in person, i think he's making a mistake.


If you really do want a clean rust free Ex, for real- hook up with an EF member down south and find something original. There is just something about that truck that isn't right. Don't get snared in just because it's sort of close. Something. just. isn't. right...

Sixth sense, man...

Vehicle does not show any signs of collision damage.

Obvious HUGE crack in the bumper from top to bottom, front bumper sitting too low on the passenger side, hood sticking out further than the grill on the passenger side...

Needs an inspection to see if whatever damage was done was repaired correctly, and that these are just minor mis-alignments, but seeing that the bumper is put together with silicone, I would doubt it.

They'll get what they want for the truck. Someone will end up disappointed and realize why they sell vehicles like this online instead of in their lot.

It's too bad. Otherwise, it is a really nice looking truck. I'd kind of like a loaded blue with tan 5.0 Explorer.

I didn't notice the front lip of the hood before. That along with the gap on the front bumper and the paint- yeah, no.