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Anybody use Dynomax Exhaust?

Fordy nine

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January 15, 2007
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91 Eddie Bauer
Will price stock sysyem at Autozone tomorrow, but Dynomax cat back system from Summit looks pretty cheap, $119.00, just dont want a tinny loud sound.

Says its a turbo muffler I bought a pair of Summit turbos for my Camaro and they are loud and annoying, thats why Im asking if anyone has used the dynomax.

Also saw the Flowmaster force llcat back, but dont know if I want to spend $180.00, dont know how long my EX will last. Anybody use these?

Oh, and a gigantic thanks to the shift motor rebuild Did it today and now I have 4wd. Havent had it in 4 years.

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I bought the Dynomax system from Summit for my '94 X, and it sounds like a normal exhaust system. Not noisy at all. A fine replacement for stock.

Dynomax system

Is that the cat-back system without a resonator?
I have a Borla cat-back with no resonator like the stock system and at certain speeds it sounds really unpleasant.

Its gotten noisier lately and something is rattling inside the muffler. I'm not sure if an internal baffle has come loose or if I blew out the CAT and pieces of disintegrated CAT are in the muffler.



I'm running a Flowmaster 40 (yes I know that wasn't the question) cat back system, single muffler. It gives the truck a real throaty sound that I like. Only now am I wishing I had it modded and did dual outs.

The Dynomax Super Turbo cat-back system is probably the best bang for the buck in exhausts. It's pretty quiet due to the turbo design and the use of fiberglass. It's deep and throaty more than loud and annoying. It will sound pretty close to stock unless you really nail the gas.

There's a $75 rebate on cat-back systems through Dynomax if you buy before Aug 31, which would make the exhaust cost under $50.

Flowmaster makes a kit with their SUV 50 muffler, but that's if you wanted the usual sound of Flowmasters, which is probably louder than the Super Turbo.

For the price, I'd say the Super Turbo. It's a snap to install yourself, too.