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Anyone ever FIX a 3rd brake light on '97?


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I've rad all of the threads here, but other than the potential "shorted trailer harness" has anyone every actual fixed the third brake light on their '97? I have now tried TWO used ballasts and a used lamp, and none work. I have 12V going to the ballast, I checked that. I had a temporary 12V incandescent third brake light wired inside the rear window until I could fix this, but I can't believe that 2 ballasts were bad. I can't imagine there is anything too complicated about the circuit. Whatever the voltage is supposed to be coming from the ballast, I should be able to see it, and I get nothing.

Right now my only hope is to wait until the $130 units come in to ford (should be another couple weeks) and try that, but i've already spent $75 on the used unit (ballast AND lamp), and I really don't have the time to fabricate some other type of light for it. Problem is making it weatherproof, since there are the holes in the back that would leak if you don't put everything back in the way the factory unit goes.