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anyone ever use a virtual reality amp?

October 21, 2003
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anyone ever use one of those virtual reality sound labs amps from walmart? I saw they had a 5 channel amp for 170 so I wondered if it was worth it for a low budget amp to power my sub and door speakers


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As far as I know me and XplorerKid are the only ones that have used them. The ones that we used are the 200W 2 channel VR3's from walmart. He doesn't have his anymore but I still do. I am running a dual voice coil sub rated for 50W rms and it does fine. I will though definitly be upgrading to a better system since the sub is nothing great, neither is the amp. I don't know what the one your talking about is rated at, but I can tell you right now that it does not put out as much as it says it does, they are over rated. But if it matches up with the sub your getting then it might be ok. What sub are you going to use? Let me know and I'll be able to tell if you will be all set.

i have a pioneer 400 watt sub right now mounted in a q logic custom fit box, but i have 2 amps and no room for them now so im looking for either smaller amps or a all in one deal

the one im looking at says 1000 watts my sytem i have now is only 600

I lifted the one your talking about, and it felt like it was about 3lbs at most. They dont even list the specs anywhere, just the (supposed) max power, which is usually about a bajillion watts more than the actual power. Plus everytime I go into WalMart theres always about 3 or 4 of those amps in an open box, all taped up(returns). I wouldnt waste my money, especially when you can get a Fosgate Punch 160.2(which equates to a Punch 80.2 in old school Punch-speak), like I did, off ebay for $51 factory refurbished with a 90 day warranty. Back in the day, I used to have a Punch 50.2 bridged mono going to 2 JL Audio 10's, and hit 138.2 db's. That was a LOT back then.

Whoah my name was said:D

Some one actually remembers my amp, that was short lived, till it got stolen:( , Oh well

They are a good cheap amp if you ask me, but to be honest i would say save up and buy a better one, PM Expo5.0 he might be able to get you a good dela on a good amp.


This guy here claims he registered over 100db with a vr3 400wat amp and 2 10's!! WOW!! I think thats a new world record!! :eek:

I wonder if he realizes that a Bazooka bass tube can do that with 1 watt of power??? :D