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anyone ever use the Chevy 63" leaf pack?


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November 4, 2003
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'92 XLT
I'm trying to get rid of the shackles, err, half of them, I installed when i did the F150 front springs. I also want to eliminate the rear lower shock mount. So i've been looking into all things rear suspension related. I came across several threads on Pirate talking about using the Chevy 1500 leaf packs. They are 2.5" wide and 63" long. the toyota guys are getting 3" of lift and more flex by frenching the front spring mount and either re-locating the rear mount or using double shackles.
Has anyone used this leaf pack on the X? I think I'm going to try and i would like to see what others have done.

That's either a no, or it's been covered and my searching yielded nothing and I look like a newb.
So it looks like I'm going at it alone. I'll try to document the chase.

The premise is the Toyota guys get buckets more flex and modest payload increase by using the 63" leaf pack from 1988-1998 C1500 Chevys and GMCs. These springs are longer and therefore allow more wheel travel. At the same time these trucks are half ton so payload increases as well.

The Ranger Station has a couple of threads about it, but they have a different shackle and confusion as to how much lift is gained.
here is the Pirate thread:

this chart shows the lengths and other measurements of most leaf packs.
From the looks of it I can make a new mount 6" further forward and not have to change the rear at all. This may or may not give me lift, but that isn't my focus for doing this anyway. I'm trying to gain more flex, inexpensively.

I need to decide if I'm going to make the front mounts or buy them. They aren't expensive, but it isn't hard to make and I can get everything together locally pretty quick. Square U bolts are already sourced. Need to run to the yard and see what I come back with.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Oh! can some one fix the spelling in the title, please?

Alot of the ranger guys run them, but ive never seen them on an Explorer. Good luck, and document. :thumbsup: If it works out well it may be worth a consideration.

I know has been 6 years since anything has been posted on this thread, but did you ever wind up doing that swap?