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anyone familiar with the '01-ish dual media explorer radios ?


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November 20, 2003
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'95 expedition 2 door
the plan: id like to wire in a '00 multimedia (cassette/cd radio) into my 96 explorer, been researching this and so far if i understand what ive read, the post 98 dual media (cassette/cd) radios have an internal amp, so here is my question for those who know much more about these than i do.... my 96 explorer has the external amp and subwoofer assembly that i want to do away with completely. the radio im using has two plugs not counting the antenna plug, one plug has what im assuming are mostly the speaker wires from the amp out to the speakers (?) im not using the shuffler, or the power antenna, so all i should have to do to operate the radio is to power and ground the radio, the amp and tie the speaker outs to the speakers ? or is there something i am missing ?

I have a 2002 Ex and I have no external amp or subwoofer. I just replaced my system so I did some research prior to installing the new system. I have some scans from my shop manuals: wiring diagrams, pin outs, etc.

Let me know if you think these will help and I can send them to you.

Hope this helps out!! :biggthump

ihave all the wiring codes, i just dont know jack about radios and what they require to make them work

actually big, on second thought i may be able to use the wiring codes, if yours had two plugs, just the wire colors and pin locations if its not too much trouble