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Anyone gotten a brochure and $750 coupon lately?

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My.....sister....that, uh....lives with me, got one. It applies?

2013 Brochure Coupon

FYI, I requested a 2013 brochure and I did receive a $750 coupon. Now all I need is my Ex delivered.

It took about 2 weeks.

You don't need the brochure. Call marketing department. They told me I was eligible for $750 private cash, gave me a code and program number. I didn't need those either: The dealer could see it in his system and applied it when i picked the car up this past Saturday (2013 Explorer Limited).

I'd like one for the stupid radiator in my 2007.


do you have the phone number to the marketing dept? my ex is in and i would love to get the $750 credit.



thanks for the #, they would not give me info over phone, directed me to dealer. will try there.


Awesome. Thank you for that phone number and information. I just called and found out that I qualified for a $750 private cash rebate.

I requested a brochure on 4/3. My Ex had an ETA to the dealer of 4/5, then it was pushed back to 4/13. Dealer called yesterday and said my Ex just rolled off the truck. I called Ford Marketing and the rep confirmed that I was eligible for the $750 private cash offer. Called my dealer back and he confirmed that it was in the system and I would get the extra $750 off.

Pretty easy work for $750! Well worth the effort.

FYI, I just received one today as well along with some other incentives I didn't know about. Thanks to the forums for the info!

Just wanted to update that I finally got every brochure I requested - all within a week period. I guess they only mail them out so often, or maybe it has to do with printing. At any rate they all came at the same time, regardless of when I requested them. In my case, they all had the same $750 offer in the back with the same code (except the Focus brochure, which showed $500 for it)