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Anyone have a '98 Mach 290 head unit for sale?


January 8, 2000
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Folsom, CA
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'98 XLT
I am looking for a replacement Mach 290 head unit for my '98 XLT 4x4. I have the factory Mach system with the separate amps and woofer in the right rear quarter panel. I need the unit that works with the rear seat controls and has CDDJ capability. I THINK the right part number is XL2F-18C868-C.

If anyone has one available that is in good working order (I don't care about the Cassette, but the radio and single disk CD in the head unit must be working) I am willing to pay a fair price. Please drop me a note.

Thanks for your consideration,

I probably won't be selling mine for a while, but i've got the exact same truck and Mach stereo as you. In the next month or so i was going to get a new headunit, so if your still interested then i'll sell you the stock one.


If there is anything I can do to get you to push up your upgrade to next week, I would love to take your stock head unit off your hands. Please drop me an e-mail directly to me if you are interested. I am willing to pay enough to make it worth your while, but I need a unit in the next week or so.


Leslie Martin