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Anyone have a pic or link? Black wheels.

I just got back from Schwab with another nail in the tire. I really need to get new tires especially for the mountain this year. Option 1 is replacing the 255/70/16 A/T's I have on there now for just over $600. Option 2 is going down to 15" wheels and putting 31's on for around $200 more. I was wondering if anyone has a picture or link of "BLUE" explorer like the one I have with Black rims on it? I have always like black rims but I think they may look a little funny with the color of the truck?? Also does anyone think I could sell my stock rims and tires 20% or so tread left if I went with the 15's and how much would be fare? Or any other opinions are welcome. I was thinking of buying stuff online but as far as money savings go I dont thing it would worth it when you add in the hassle and warrantys. Thanks

Black rims I am looking at:


p.s. this isnt just an opinion post i am going to buy this stuff by the weekend so i really need your guys input.

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you will have a hard time getting too much money for a set of stock rims, but hey put em in the for sale forum and see what happens! Black rims look cool, but the style is starting to stagnate.....

Depends on the shade of blue, it can look really nice or really ugly. Kind of a hit or miss.

I know everybody and thier mom has black rims now but i dont care, i like em.

I saw in another post where someone photoshopped wheels, maybe someone could do this for me as I have no idea how.....Here are a couple pics I just snapped in the parking lot, not that great of pics but theyll do. Thanks

heres mine(my trucks green, i thought wouldnt look good at all but i love it) with black american racing rims




I like it, I think I will go with the black rims. I did want to avoid the red pin stripe though I dont really care for that. I talked to the guy at Schwab again and he said I could come in and they would try a few rims for me to see what would fit and how it would look. He said there could be a rubbing problem with the 15"s and 31's with the TYPE 81 Rims I was looking at?? Thanks Alot!

Are black center caps available for the Soft 81's? That looks great!

My X is the same color as yours (only with the Eddie tan trim) with black wheels and stock caps.




Yeah, those soft 8's are really nice looking wheels.

Great pics thanks everyone. Hey Flyboy it looks like you have a little lift. I know nothing about lifts, your TT/Warrior Shackles is a torsion twist I belive but could you explain that to me a little and if it something I could do myself? I know there is a how to on here for the TT but just pretend im a 1st grader. I like the look of that, i just might pull my runners off jack your style.....Thanks

PM sent about the TT/Warrior setup. I took off my running boards for clearance issues just before I went on the MOAB run last May. I didn't want to crush them on any rocks, and they definitely aren't meant to hold the weight of the vehicle. A nice side-effect though (to me at least) is that it makes the truck look a little higher.

Trying to avoid this:thumbdwn:...poor Gerald