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Anyone have a water leak like this?


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April 30, 2001
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04 EB V8
Well I have a major water leak. It's been raining hard for 5 days here. I have water pooling under the passenger rear door sill. Right along the edge where the stock wire harness is run under the door sill plate.
I don't think the water is coming from above since the headliner is dry. The carpet is also dry, it's just right in that little recess under the door sill.

Is there a body plug or seam in that area?. I'm going to take all the panels off this weekend & run a hose around & see if I can find it, but has anyone had a similar leak?

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i put my money on door weatherstrips not sealing tight enough or the glued in quarter glass.

If that was the case, wouldn't the carpet be wet? or the plastic door sill?
It's not. I found the water by accident when I had to remove the door sill for my new amp install.
It's a 4 door so no quarter glass. The door panel is dry & so is the speaker in the door.

Water does weird stuff. Well, technically it follows the laws of fluid dynamics, but that's another story...

In theory, the best thing to do is try to simulate it and watch what happens. Of course, if you try it with the door open, panels removed, etc. you may not get the same result, since you're changing the variables (fluid dynamics crap again).

I would start with what rick said, and do a really thorough inspection of those gaskets. You may need to look at both doors on that side, water is known to travel...


Jason, that narrow channel runs from the front kick panel to the rear wheel. There are at least three body plugs in that channel on each side. I'd guess the front kick panel area to look at first. If you have a sunroof, then there is a drain hose which goes down in two places next to each channel. Good luck,

The panels are off. Water from the front kick panel to the rear all the way in that channel. So I ordered 2 passenger weatherstrip pieces to start with. I do see the body plugs. They don't look bad but they are water soaked. Can I buy new ones?


The plugs are rubber, pull the front and back till it dries. Making a leak flow water isn't easy with a hose, but give it a try on the doors and cowl.

Can I replace the plugs? Are they available aftermarket? I didn't see anything on the major parts websites or locally.

IDK, The panels are off & it was POORING last night & Saturday night & I could not find any water seeping in. I was in the X at 2am with a flashlight while we had a mini monsoon outside & nothing.
The new weatherstripping is not in yet either.
My next step is to put that in, then put the panels back & then check for leaks.