Anyone have fender flares on their 91-94 X? come in and see what i'm asking.... | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Anyone have fender flares on their 91-94 X? come in and see what i'm asking....


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July 16, 2001
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99 Explorer Sport
I'm looking for the beefer fender look, theres mounting holes on my 93 Eddie Bauer for them.

I'm starting to get a small amount of rust on the lip of my wheel well and before it gets too bad I'm going to sand it down, prime it and hopefully mount wheel well/ fender flares.

probably black ones or maybe something that looks like the newer Xs.

Anyone have anything like this?



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I don't have them, but I know there are places that do sell what you are looking for. Performances Accessories has some stuff, as well as JC Whitney. Take a look around, you will find some good looking flares.

You are probably looking for the smaller, 4x4 bushwacker style flares. If you are I can't help you there, but I got fiberglass flared fenders in the front from perry at I really like them a lot, but they are more of the baja style look. They were 300 for a pair. Good luck

those look to be the whole fender tho...i want just a bolt on fender flare...

bushwacker style is the can get em for tahoes and suburbans and chevy trucks. that kinda flare....

heres a pic of my 93 with bushwackers....
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where did you get those and how much were they?????



gut i know ordered them they are around 400

can you find out from where?



thats funny. It says for 93-94 ex's. I thought they were all the same from 91-94. I think they are silly!!