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Anyone have Satellite Radio?

Sirius here...

Can't stop listening to it... I don't even listen to Howard, the music selection is unbelievable... I have the Starmate Replay, built in FM Thingamajig (edit- transmitter!! That's it!!), the artist alerts are awesome!!!

Highly reccomended, haven't looked back to FM radio...

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I have an XM and the biggest problem I have is that the stations I like are going to Sirius. Now I know that some are scheduled to come back to XM but it's a pain to go back and forth between the two. Either way, you'll like it. You just have to figure out what you want to listen to.

I have sirius.... never really listened to FM to begin with because FM sucks here.

Anyway, I still havent listened to half the channels and I have had it for 2 1/2 months, usually because I wanna here what the channels I listen to are gonna play next

I have XM. Somedays its good, others I feel like im hearing the same 20 songs. But none the less I get my moneys worth out of it. Might have to check out sirrus though.

I have XM thru the tuner and into my radio which I like because you can hide the rest of the wires easily instead of the cigarette lighter. M brother and friend have sirius, and my friends came with the car kit , but he doesnt have a car so you can imagine where its going lol. So when hes around ill have the choice of both and when hes not i still have my XM. I like it alot but they need some more good music stations, rock and rap.

dmasini said:
That's because Sirius units are the size and weight of a brick... :) Got XM and love it. Both XM and Sirius have the same music stations and are the same IMO with exception to a few on-air personalities and sports programming. My ultimate decision for XM was MLB baseball and XM is years ahead of Sirius in the technology dept.

While that used to be true about the Sirius units it's not the case anymore. You really should take a look at the current Sirius units. I had XM for over 2 years. I got it right after it came out. I switched to Sirius because XM plays too much b-side and songs I never liked when they were new. I was constantly changing channels on XM. I think it's just a matter of what music you like. You can't lose with either one.

Reasons XM is better: NASCAR and FOX NEWS. :D

Reasons Sirius is better: Hardware is MUCH MUCH nicer looking. dad and his gf have XM so i only pay $6.99 a month through the family plan. That was my main motive to get XM. That and the NASCAR. :us:

Fox is back on Sirius.

Nascar is moving to Sirius in 2007. Here is an article about it:

Nascar moving to Sirius

NaplesBill said:
Fox is back on Sirius.

yeah that annoyed the hell out of me when it left.

What did they want me to do ? Listen to CNN ? :fart:

I've had Sirius about 3 months and can't live without it now. My HU is mp3-cd capable and I haven't used that or the am/fm since installing my starmate. A friend of mine let me check out XM programming off the web and it seemed good too, but it didn't have as much "character" as sirius... though I'm basing this off just a couple days of listening to it so I could easily be wrong.

would love to get sirus i want to listen to Bubba so bad and not heard him at all since going to sirus ... my step daughter has Xm but it isnt on there.

davidmmm69 said:
would love to get sirus i want to listen to Bubba so bad and not heard him at all since going to sirus ... my step daughter has Xm but it isnt on there.

WTF is Bubba?:)

any one that lived in certain areas in florida and also connecticut and a few other areas were used to hearing Todd "Bubba The Love Sponge Clemm. who legally changed his name to Bubba the Love Sponge while number one in the tampa bay area. and is now on Howard 101. one of the most well-known personalities in the radio business today.
if anyone watches on VH1 Hogan Knows Best featuring of course Hollywood Hulk Hogan. and he used to be on bubbas show almost daily. and this weeks episode of Hogan knows best Bubba had a few minutes on the show while hogan was gatting some laser done at one of the best known in the tampa orlando area. DR Diaco Plastic Surgeon.

anyway hope that gives you the answer...