Anyone have these 99-01 projector fogs? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Anyone have these 99-01 projector fogs?

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When you say weaker than stock fog lights, why would you consider that? There should other good fog lights available with good reviews so you'll get a better one.

I can't make sense of what you said? I was asking if anyone knows if the light output is stronger than stock. I guess no one has bought these on the forum. I noticed they seem to be a recent product that just came out, i didnt see them a couple months ago on ebay.

I bet these with a set of hids will put out some decent light. I wish they would come out with a PnP set that had LEDs built in or a projector without the stupid halo.

I might get these to try out after I finish a few other things on the truck.

Yea, they look like they are worth the risk for 50 bucks. I know someone on here has these but just arent seeing my post. im curious as to what they look like illuminated.