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Anyone have to get a reman T-case?


May 10, 2004
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Wakefield, MA
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'97 Sport 4WD SOHC
It looks like Im going to need a new (remanafactured) T-Case for my 97 Sport (Auto, C-Trac, Vin E). I've looked all over the forums and it looks like this is a real common problem with the 97 Explorers in particular.

Anyway, I was wondering if those that did need to get a replacement T-case might be able to:

- Share their story of what led up to the swap
- Where you ended up getting the replacement. (looking for names of
places, not just "a salvage yard")
- Did you do the swap yourself, and how difficult was it to do?
- And if possible what did you end up paying for the reman t-case.

Im looking for a BW4405 / F77A-GA T-Case -

So far it looks like has the best deal, but their T-Cases are big $$
($1377 - but comes with a 3 year 75K milage national warranty)

Ford offers a brand new T-case, but thats $1900.

Salvage yards in my area seem to vary in price - Im seeing an average of $500 for the T-Case with 60 days to 6 months warranty.

Appreciate any input you might have.

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get a seat....
my 97 explorer started symtoms 2 years ago (I didn't relize it was t-case) every once in a while slowing down it would "clunck" and every once in a wile when I would put it in reverse it would pop and grind (like I didn't have it engage all the way)........ well when it finaly went I was 200 mile from home cruzing at 70 mph let of to go on exit ramp the the famous whirling rachetound happened I hit the brake didnot help.... went to store heading back did it 3 more times........ at the hospital I put it in reverse and it made the grinding I lock it in 4wd drove 200 feet straight forward and back unlocked it went home got 25 from home it started again.... found out if I would gose it it would stop....(this was sunday night) well I checked the fluid and added some wife drove it next day no problem
we went to church that night (monday night) it did it 8 times in 20 miles..... so I drained the t-case and put gear lube in it... that worked for a week... it got so bad it would not back up unless it was in 4wd.... I looked and looked local junkyard wanted $450-$600 for one with 125k mile on them luckly on of the stl louis junkyards (riverside ) just got a 97 sport in just sold the motor the tranny and t-case was just laying there I made the 200 mile trip to pick it up for $100 dollars....

Installation... not that bad

jacked truck up put it on jack stands... first had to drop the t-case gaurd (rock gaurd roll pan) to take the rear d-saft out thenthe front .. unhooked the two sesors wires ...shift motor wires..... then the bolt that holds it to the tranny... pulled it out slide it next to the new one... everthing matched up.... so I dranned the new one OH NO the fluid was black and I found a thrust washer in the bottom :mad: well this had to better than the old one it was all tight so I cleaned all sensors and installed it.... tooka about 2 hours but I have neat tools (rachet wrenches and varouis extensons) there is one bolt on the passeger side of the t-case that is a bogger will only turn about a 1/8 until you can hand turn it... put it in and it worked good for a week then it started to surge down big hills again (missing thrust washer) so I knew it would only last a little while... truck had 216,000 miles motor and tranny was original needed all 4 rotors so I decide to swapp it off.... now if the t-case would have not started going the second time I would have stillbenn driving it today.... one thing I did notice after new t-cas installed my rpm @55mph dropp from 2.5 to 2.2 on the tac...I would ask jasper if these cases had the bearing fixed in them... from what I undersatnd the bearing oblongs the alumin casing allowing the gear to spin apart or jump over themselfs... eith way if the warrenty is that good I would go that way also ask them if the warrenty covers the labor of installation if so have a buddy make a bill if it ever goes out..

becarefull of junkyard t-case most of them are just tested to see if the have play in them and if they work in all gears if you love this truck and plan on keeping for 2-3 more years spring for the jaspers t-case

to get your rebuilt with new half will cost just 6-8 in parts not counting labor... do a ask jeeve for borg warner 4405 t-case halfs,,, go to the web site it explains more about the problem with these t-case's

Thanks man. Every symptom that you had with your T-Case describes whats going on with mine to a T. Good advice about the bearing fix - never heard of it, so I never would've asked. It looks like I'll go with the Jasper case. I really hate to pony up that much money, but I plan on keeping the X in the family for awhile, so it makes sense at this point to get something with a 3 year warranty. I'll ask them if it covers labor (I was quoted $237 by the shop to swap out the cases.)

if your some what mechanicilly incliend I would install it my self for 2-3 hours of work ... but if you dont have place to work on it I understand ...forgot you will need a floor jack to slide the t-case under and jack it to the tranny... If mine was in better shape I would have kept it (I wanted to for a project) but it was all going to go south on me soon.... do a search on here with borg warner 4405 and it will bring up some post about it...

Slim pickings at Looks like only 3 T-cases in New England listed! Damn - I woul'vce thought there would be more Explorer T-cases with all the nuts we have up here totaling their X's on 128 or the Pike :-)) I tried to bargin with one guy, but he knew the T-case wasn't going to be around for long so he wouldn't budge on the price. Im going to get the Jasper T-Case installed. I wish I had the time and a place to do the swap, I would do it myself - seems pretty straight forward.

Crap... I didn't notice that you're in MA.

I have a 4405 out of a 2000 sitting in my basement that I want to sell!!!

The only problem is that the 1998+ cases do not have the speedo sensor built in, however, I also have a back half of a 1997 case to be swapped in. I'll let both go for $150. Come pick it up anytime.

Officially confused....

I drove to the train station this morning, and my T-case is working perfectly (I have reverse, no spinning/grinding sound etc) :confused:
For the last 4 days it has been spinning/grinding whenever I shifted to reverse and when I would take my foot off the gas pedal going over 30MPH.

Of course, this would happen the very next day after I left a deposit with the shop for a $1300 Jasper T-Case! :rolleyes:

...Guess I'll spend the rest of the weekend trying to break it again!
"...I'm lovin' it"

what I tell poeple to try is find the tallest hill mountian ect you have around.... get going about 65-70 mph off it .... take the tranny out of OD and let 3rd hold it back then the fun should begin...

Heh, too funny project92! Didn't take long to get back to it's annoying broken condition... didn't even need to go too far, just down the street. I do have reverse again, so thats a good thing - Oh well - the Jasper T-Case goes in Wednesday.

good luck wish I could have kept my 97 ....

The spinning/grinding sound is your range slider slipping in your tcase; you may also need the fork and/or inserts that go with it. The range slider will eventually wear the ends of the sprocket teeth in it down after countless shifts between 4lo and 4hi and begin incurring the symptoms you describe as it struggles to move into position to firmly engage the rest of the teeth grooves beyond the worn section.

It's a helluva lot cheaper to replace that part than spending the bucks to R&R an entire Jasper tcase. Stephens Transmissions in SC can supply you with the parts for a fraction of what you are paying, call Heath at 864-461-4583 and try this first before spending all of that money.

Hope that helps.

that would not of helped my truck it may help others though...

Thanks GJarrett for the excellent info. If I had the time, I would tear down the T-Case and replace the worn parts, but between my 4yr old and the never ending amount of work around my new (very old) house, It would've taken me weeks just to complete. I ended up going with the Jasper T-Case. It was a lot more than I would've liked to spend for on an 8 year old truck, but I figure I'l have it for a few more years, so if anything it's piece of mind given the T-Case comes with a 3 year nation wide warranty. Anyway, thanks again.

the 95-2000, may-be more models, have a problem with the main shaft bearing and shift fork rod. I was going to rebuild mine last week, The part cost was around 350.00 shop cost but the clutch pack was on national backorder. This would not rectify the problem only to have it happen again. I was number 109 in my town for this part. We did some home work and found in our list this company 600.00 for the unit built with all the up to date modifications ready to install and 100.00 shipping. It arrived at the shop 3 days later like promissed and installed with our synthetic fluid the truck ran better that ever. I am really impressed with this company and its product. I put 150 miles on since the install and no problems. Best of luck with your explorer.

I now have 10,000 miles on that unit, :D no problems at all.