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Anyone heard of this A4LD problem??


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January 9, 2007
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Ok, If you try to take off with the selector in OD it will not go anywhere. If you take off with the selector in D,2,1 it will work perfectly fine. Reverse works perfectly fine also... But, Overdrive is not broke if you get up to speed and put the selector into OD it will shift into OD and will drive fine. But when the vehicle comes to a stop sign and you try to take off again and the selector is in OD, it will not go anywhere. It acts like its in neutral. Shifting to D,2,1 does not work it still will not move. Shifting to neutral first and then D,2,1 works prefectly and away you go. This is how the vehicle acts everytime, no intermittent shifting problems, no slipping, nothing like that. I originally thought the traney was mechanically broke but Iam not so sure now, anyone have any thoughts?
1990 Ranger 4.0L 4X4 A4LD

Did you try to adjust the shift linkage? The cable might be a little stretched or the Z link could have a slight bend.

definitly sounds like a linkage problem.

your shifter shows OD, but it's probably neutral. pull the lever down til the tranny engages, then move the lever to OD position, bet it will take off.


J...lotsa slack in some trannys with mileage.