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Anyone in Glenwood Springs or Carboondale, CO Area?


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January 5, 2004
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Title says it all.

I am moving out there soon and have visited quite often in the past. Some of the trails out there are unreal! My little explorer can't even atempt most of the trails.

I was wondering if there is anyone around that might be able to give me a ride some time and show me some real four wheeling!:D

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I would appreaciate that very much. Do you ever go out in the areas I mentioned above? I have friends in Ft. Collins, Boulder,and Steamboat though so I will be all over.

I am probably driving out sometime next week once I get some new hubs. I can't wait to try out my BFG AT's In some snow.

Hey man whats up. I live over here on the nice side of the mountain :D I live a few miles west of Glenwood. I used to live there until I couldn't afford to buy a house there anymore ;) We should hook up some time when you get here. I am also from Missouri. I my mom still lives in Osage Beach, lake of the ozarks. I know a lot of good trails over here on the western slope. I am also going to Moab next month also. Just let me know somtime and we'll hook up. The trails are completely snowed over right now so wheeling here won't happen until late spring :) Well talk to you later.


Sweet. You must be familiar with Party Cove then. I go out to the lake at least 4 times a year. I will defenately let you know when I get in town next week.


OMG :D Party Cove is the nastiest place down there :D I don't ever go there but have heard stories from my sis and brother in law ;) I just go to my favorite fishing spots when I'm there.


That's cool. A buddy of mine used to have a couple of cigerettes we would drag up and down the lake on those "special occasions". Fishing is always fun too. Good fishing in glenwood?

Sure is :D I never went to a party a the cove so all I know is what the aftermath looks like ;) I have seen pics of the parties there and they look pretty big and fun but I never was there that time of year. I know you will be in for a huge change over here in Glenwood. It is pretty laid back and a lot slower than city life :)

I have been there a few times already so I know the differances. It really is a nice place not to mention beautiful. I am going to rent a house from a friend ( dirt cheap) that is at 8200 ft overlooking Carbondale. I am so excited mainly because of the deal my friend is giving me on his house. It will give me a chance to save some cash that I wouldn't be able to do anywhere else.

Have you seen all the trails off the county roads around carbondale. I think my friend said it is all government land. My explorer at it's stock height can only go on a select few though.:(

I'm down in Grand Jnction and try to meet up with Clint every now and then.

Sweet, I look forward too meeting you also. Do you have any pics of your explorer? I had a 1st gen also. Original engine and tranny/third member at 178K and still going strong when I sold her.

Here is an idea of what some of the camping just south of Carbondale is like.


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Here is another one from the same area.


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Here is my wifes explorer, it is the only one like it around this valley. 93' 2-door SAS 35's :)


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It is really easy I have seen a honda CRV in there ;) I also saw a 2x4 ranger in there last summer.

This is Mike (mrboyle) and I on a trail just west of Glenwood last summer.


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