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Anyone in NY???


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January 12, 2003
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Chappaqua, NY
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'97 XLT 4X4 SOHC
It seems like a bunch of you guys tend to get together every once in a while, so I'm just wondering if anyone is in the southern (Westchester?) New York area?? Let me know if you'd be interested in getting together some time... check out rigs, compage stuff, and of course do some offroading :cool:

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im in upstate NY but my explorer is a POS


i'm in chappaqua

i'll meet up with you if ya want.

have you ever been to jd's offroad in bedford/mountkisco??

i'll meet you there some time and from there we can head to shether rd/ the jungle and do some offroading...
it's right near by ben and jerries in mt kisco.

shoot me an email at
and we'll set up a date.

I located in New York Putnam Valley
I'm definately interested in a get together or sorts.
Got a few trails I can show you if you guys are interested.
Just got to wait till truck out
of the body shop (accident) :rolleyes:

Just e-mail

Chris- Just sent you an email, didnt relize your X was OOC... When will you be back in service??

I'm in Upstate NY, Finger lakes area. Is this close to any of you?? Would love to get together!

I duno "upstate" is a term we use around here that means FAR:eek: :eek:! Anyway, were abouts are you? I'm about an hour north of NYC.

I go to school in Rochester but my X is on vacation until summer when I can get the engine fixed. This is probably further away from Westchester than my home in PA.

hay bay dog im in binghamtom, ny in broom county just moved up here from nyc. and will like to meet up with some guys around here. i seen a lot of guys with some explorer but dont now if they from this site i will try to talk to them and see if they will like to get together some day and look at the trucks and help each other. some are lifted and some look nice. look it up and let me now where you at i now that the guys are saying we are to far but its only 2 hrs from the city. i now i go down a lot because am not used to this live up here. also guys there is no such thig as to far if you can get on the cross bronx expway or the degon on traffic. that means you can take the trip some day togetogether and have a bbq and some beers.

I live on the Island and a bunch of us get together about once a month for a run at Paragon (Hazelton, PA). But I'm always up for something closer or whatever.

what up madman (dasfrem) If anynoe is interested there will be a run in paragon with so guys from the site
feb 15 and 16. I'm at least trying to make it down for at least one and everyone usual crash at Camp Lizard. One of the guys from the site house who lives about 10 minutes from the park

grrrrrr :mad: :mad: I'll be traveling that weekend... oh well. I'll catch you guys next run ;)


Hi! I'm in Buffalo but was born & raised in the Bronx. I'm currently helping a friend who is looking to buy a '92 Explorer. I have a '97 F150 ORP & have done some mild off roading - I have a long bed so I'm limited to where I can go.
If you don't mind a truck other than an Explorer joining you I'd be interested in a trip too. Depending on how much work that Explorer needs the kid buying it would probably go too - that's his reason for buying it. He really wants to off road & there's really no places here to go - it's all posted land.
Please let me know about upcoming trips if you don't mind. Thanks! :)


no prob...:cool:

Im in Pleasant Valley, NY (right next to Poughkeepsie, about halfway between NYC and Albany). Everybody mark May 30th on your calenders. Its the All Ford Nationals in PA. I'm really looking forward to this.