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anyone in the Army Reserve or Air Nat'l Guard


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September 4, 2002
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In my current situation I work full time third shift and then go to school full time in the morning. Between trying to find time for homework and sleep I have no life. (Which doesn't bother me - I'm not into the party scene anymore.) But I am exhausted. I have been thinking about cutting my work load down to part time. I was just wondering if anyone here is in the Army Reserves or Air Nat'l Guard and going to school full or part time. If so, how is it working out? Do you work part time? Ever since I was young I've thought about joining the service. It's just now, full time active duty isn't in my best interest. I have started school and I'm not stopping, but going into the reserves might be a possibility. Thanks for any help you can give. I need to decide soon because if I'm going to do this I need to do it now so I can go to basic training during the summer.

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Why not just wait until you are out of school and go to OCS and get commissioned and go career? I know it doesn't sound that appealing to you right now, but it might be worthwhile to look at it. I am in the same dilemna you are in right now. Heading into my third year of college and I need to start thinking about career options. One was to fly Navy, that got nixed when I found out I was color blind. Next was career Navy surface ship office, probably going to get nixed on account of some personal issues with fleet sailors. Third I could go mechanized infantry in the Army or the Marines and be career there, but there isn't much outside of the military for these paths when I retire 20 years down the road. And last, there is the reserves. The deal with the reserves is you can work private sector, but still be military. SOunds appealing, but you might have to take a huge paycut if you get called up full time. You can go officer too if you do basic for 12 weeks (I think thats the length) and then a year in an Officer Company going one weekend a month. This suffices for 13 weeks at OCS in the Army.

There you have it, about all the paths that I can think of for a student midway through college. Good Luck!

I don't want wait till I'm out of school because that would be about 8-13 years down the road :eek:- I'm going for cardiac surgeon. I was thinking about joining the Guard because I could get some experience in the medical field before I get to med school (which will help me get accepted). Plus I could earn some extra cash and money for college in the mean time. I don't know, I'm too confused at the moment.:confused: I'm going to go down and talk to my local recruiter tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens.

Yeah man, let us know. From what I have gathered, it looks like at the least you would have to take a semester off of school and get a deffered placement and do more specialized training on your time for the Reserves.

Im in the Army national Guard. Ive been in it for almost 3 years now.. Its not that bad, I was working fulltime, going to school, and drilling with my unit, that is untill I got deployed to come to freakin Cuba. but hey, such is life. The Guard isnt bad, theres a whole lot of advantages, I would definately look into it if I were you, but do not let them talk you into taking a job you dont want. I wanted to be an MP from the getgo, and I told them that if I didnt get it, then I was walking. Recruiters have ALOT of power, and when they say that they cant do something, they usually can, just threaten them with walking out, youll see results. I hope that helps, if you have any more questions, email me at


Well I'm almost accepted. I just have to wait till the Cheif Medical Officer clears me because of a chest surgery I had 7 years ago. Hopefully it won't be a problem. I passed the physical evaluation with no problem, so I hope I'll be good to go. I also scored a 99 on the ASVAB. :D If I get accepted I'll be taking the job of operating room technician (or something similar). It will be great training since I would like to become a heart surgeon. I'll let you know more when I find out. In the meantime, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

I almost forgot, this is for the Army Reserves.

Did my six in the army guard from 83 to 88, and really liked it for the most part.

The Guard is a great way to see if career military is for you or not. All the training is the same, and if you don't like it... well one weekend per month and 15 days sometime during the year isn't all that bad.


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Just keep in mind, I don't know about the Army or the Guard, but in the Marines the reservists deploy more than active duty. We are always sending reservists while we sit in the rear...with the gear.


I've been in the Army Reserves since 1994. Until recently I was doing Reserves, Full-time school and full-time work, while trying to raise a family.

For the most part the reserves is a pretty good deal. You get good training, decent pay (for a part-time job), and a sense that you're doing something meaningful.

Oftentimes reserve duty can get in the way of real life though. I don't know how many weddings, parties, fishing trips, etc. have fallen on duty weekends. Also, the last few years it has been a whole lot more than one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.

When you sign up you will need to complete basic and AIT. depending on the job you land you'll need to go away for active training for 13 weeks to a year and a half.

All in all, I'm glad I've done it, but I'm not sure if I would do it again.