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Anyone interested in a St. George Utah wheeling trip?


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August 23, 2008
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Eagle Mountain, UT
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98' XLT 5.0L 4X4
Trying to see if there is anyone interested in a St. George wheeling trip? St. George is a Beautiful place in southern Utah on the South West corner. Its right off I-15. St. George

There is anything from Mild to Wild. Anything anyone owns we can find an awesome wheeling day for you. We run my Brothers stock 1991 Explorer with both diffs open on 31's and no sliders all over the place, and we also run my SAS'ed 5.0L 98' Explorer locked front and rear on 37's running coilovers and armored everywhere there to. We can also make runs that you can take both styles of rigs through and both have a blast. Trails that have awesome obstacles but do have great bypasses for less able rigs.

A few pictures of this years wheeling trips so far.



You can expect views like this all day everyday while wheeling as well. Anyone wants a sick photo of their rig with a killer backdrop then that can easily be arranged. Even have $1,000 SLR cameras we can take pics with along with 3 GoPro's.

There is lots of slick rock to wheel and sand dunes everywhere. Even a lake to stop by and some cliffs to look over. Keep in mind this is Southern Utah so in the summer mainly July and August its very normal to have everyday hitting 105-110* and at night only drop to 95* or so. So if you want to plan a trip those months be aware wheeling is amazing but its hot has hell when there is no shade hardly anywhere to be found. But on the flip side to that the winter months its still in the 50*s so just a sweat shirt and off you go.

We have lots of family in town so if anyone wants a cheap trip and camp on grass in a back yard that can be arranged with showers etc. Or can stay in hotels or even camp out on the dunes somewhere. Me (turboexplorer) and my brother (sector9) are down for doing whatever whenever, he lives in town I live 300 miles north in Salt Lake City. Any wheeling never takes you far from the city so anyone could plan on coming back to the hotels or whatever every night. Or to head to town to get more ice and drinks if camping in the dunes.

Anyways just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone wants to plan a run lets do it. Had a bunch of people mention how great the area looks from my build thread on videos and pictures so figured I'd throw it out there to see who wants to see and wheel the place!

For those in AZ NV and CA, St. George is much closer than Moab and the same type of wheeling. And it's wheeling something new :)