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anyone know a good mechanic in the pheonix area?


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May 18, 2002
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Tempe, AZ
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92 XLT 4WD
all of phoenix is fine, but if possible, any near the tempe/mesa area? of course, trustworthy. although, if there's someone on this board, i'll drive anywhere within reason. thanks.

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What kind of work do you need done?

i need someone to replace my bushings next weekend. other than that, i need someone i can trust. i've been going to danny over at pro automotive in mesa since i've purchased my truck, but sometimes he makes me wonder about his work. he does have some of the best prices in town, and does a decent job, but i want that peace of mind knowing that i can leave and not worry about my truck. i've had a lot of things replaced thru pro automotive, so they know my truck very well. i'm debating on if i should continue to go there or if i should take the X some where else.

rick, what would you charge for your labor? :) i'd love to meet with you and have you guide me on what i should do with my truck. i'll buy dinner...:p

FLY-N-HI has a shop on Country Club in Mesa. They would be able to do your bushings. (480) 962-7123

I highly recommend Arizona Imports. They also do domestics as well and they are really good. I trust them completely. They really go out of their way to find deals on parts and they always give you straight answers. The main guy is from New York and he really knows his stuff. He even offered me a job when I started to talking to him about some of the problems I have. I only typically go to him when I can't figure something out. Arizona Imports is located on McClintock and just south of Rio Salado Parkway (Tempe).

I have all of my work done that is not related to Off Road/Suspension done in South Scottsdale at a shop called Whiteys Auto Repair. My wife went to HS with the owners son and he is now running the shop. They have great mechanics and allways have cut me and my friends a deal. The number is 480-947-4863 The owner is Scott Almjel, mention my name and he will hook you up. Located on Thomas between Hayden and Scottsdale.
For Allignment I take my truck to Bob Jordans Allignment on McDowell and Pima. They have been in AZ for 30 years and it is just a small shop that doese good work.
All 4X4 related work is done at 4wheelers Supply
602-273-7195 Talk to Dave Lawrie, mention my name or Ricks. All 4x4 related product speak with Sheri Gamble in parts.

Hope this helps
Jeremy Hammer

FLY-N-HI has a shop on Country Club in Mesa
Sorry Rick I know you're family and all but those guys really have their noses in the air and from my experience will rarely take the time to talk reasonably with you. I know I'll never go there again. Hopefully the west side shop is a lot better.

My wife went to HS with the owners son
Hammer where did she go to school?
I think my buddies dad had a place in that area somewhere when I was in school. ???

Coronado High School
Class of 91