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Anyone Know Vacuum on 95 Mustang


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March 18, 2007
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Ok So I had a tire blow on my 95 Mustang GT 5 Speed. And it riped the Cold Air intake and filter in the fenderwell and some vacuum lines right off the engine. I replaced the intake and filter but now the car wont idle. I found a vacuum line coming off the egr unplugged on the passenger side front fender. I see the 3 vacuum lines that come together but the port or cap is missing, I assume the egr, intake, smog pump etc all went into this? Should I just plug up the lines? Or should I get some stiff 1/2" tubbing and rig them up to it. <- THats what the dealership told me to do....

I think its the port in this circle, from the 1994-1995 diagram

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kody u got pics of ur 95 gt

My problem is I had my Passenger front tire blow and it ripped some vacuum lines off the engine, also Throwing a code 212 (Ignition module circuit failure/SPOUT circuit grounded.) <- I will have to check the wires...

Okay my tire I think rip off some of this hose

I think this goes to AIRB solenoid. underneath the passenger fender, I see a solenoid hanging with a sensor
takin from a diagram
"Connector C-176 (female) Secondary Air Injection Bypass (AIRB) Solenoid
(2) terminals
Located high on the inner splash panel on driver's side in front of the Mustang's passenger side strut tower.
Connector plugs directly onto the solenoid, so no modifications are required (wiring details shown for referance only)
Ckt190 white/orange
Ckt361 red "

Okay So Im not worried about that cause I could just run the car without the AIRB or AIRD (basically Smog/egr delete without removing anything)

The car won't Idle. I was thinking it was the vacuum hoses. But the 212 code, and a 10 code which is #1 cylinder maybe its the computer not reading the Ignition or Crank sensor so TDC cant be found or cant determine timing because of ground or short from spout connector/ IDM

kody u gonna post any pics of ur gt or video of ur gt