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Anyone know where these places in TX are?


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Anyone know where these places in TX are? What I am looking for is general driving directions, and maybe a description of what is there along with the difficulty of the runs.

Devil's Den - Close to San Antonio
Padre Island National Seashore -
Lake Meredith - located about 20 miles north of Amarillo.
Matagorda Beach - South of Houston
Shiloh Ridge, Alto-
Barnwell Mountains, Spring Quarterly-
Spring Creek - just North of Houston
Ft. Hood - near Waco
Fuqua -
Slabs -
Marshall Creek -
Mineral Wells, Wolter -
360 -
Lake Arrowhead -
Lake Worth -
Saginaw -
Trinity River Trails, Arlington -
242 -
Pelican Island -
Twin Buttes, San Angelo -
Crosby -
Uvalde -
Hot Springs -
Palo Duro Canyon -
Ozona -
DeLeon -
Del Rio -
Lake Merideth Recreation Area-
Matagorda Beach -
Benbrook -
Big Bend National Park -
Terlingua -
Dumas -

This is just a list of names of wheeling places that I found in posts when I searched for Texas in the site search feature. Any information would be appreciated.

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Maybe 1 or 2 spots

OK, A little help on this.

Barnwell & the Spring Qautrely are the same place. Gilmer. Do a search on Gilmer, They have a website.

That's all I know.

However, once the truck is running I would like to Explorer the other sites you mentioned.

Thanks Rob

I can help a little here...

Devils Den(SAME AS THE DEN)- Just came back from there, we went on Sunday, not a bad little place. Its in San Antonio, near Ingram Mall. I will have pics up later this week.

Siloh(actually Shiloh Ridge)-its an ORV park in North Texas.

Ft. Hood- Kileen Texas, CLOSED

Slabs- Kingsland, Texas, we go there all the time.
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hope this helps,

NPI and Padre Island National Seashore are the same place. About 15 miles from Corpus a long stretch of Beach that only 4x4's can go on. Takes about 3 hours to get to the end. Not really good wheeling, more scenic.

Anymore Texplorer's run in the making? Something other than the Slabs?


I'm in N. Houston area. Spring Creek is okay if you don't mind a little custom pin striping. Lots of narrow trails and water crossings. It's still fun.

242 is a nice place to go but lately the young punks have been trashing it up so the law is always guarding the bridge entrance. I've heard if you stop and talk to the cop and tell him you're there to do some responsible wheeling, don't have any alcohol and bring a couple trash bags to help clean up he’ll let you pass. If not there's a secret back entrance. :D

Also, there's so much new construction up here I usually hit one of the local neighborhoods-to-be for some mudding fun. Shoot me an email next time you're up for some wheeling...

Noew to area

I would like to know if there are places near Dallas to go wheeling. I am new to the area and would like to know. It has been about 4 months since it went off road and I think I am going through withdraw

Re: Noew to area

Originally posted by Brian97V8
I would like to know if there are places near Dallas to go wheeling. I am new to the area and would like to know. It has been about 4 months since it went off road and I think I am going through withdraw

You're in Luck! There's an Arlington Chapter of TX4x4 that knows pretty all of the D/FW trails. The Website is and membership is free. I personally like it better than brand specific clubs, because you can wheel with a wide variety of vehicles. And even if you don't join, there are directions to a couple of the good places on the web site. Hope this helps

I will check out that site - thanks for the info

Spring creek (North of Houston) is right out my back door, literally. I've taken a '01 F150 2wd out there, and not gotten stuck so it's not too scary, also my friend has gotten his 2wd 93 Limited back there with no problems. But there is one section called devils hole, and it has swallowed many a bad ass 4x4 vehicle, I'm not sure I would take any truck into it, friends with sweet 4wheelers have had to be pulled out.

well, there is a spot I promise that you and just about every other 4x4 would have to be towed out of, but most of the spring creek area is just that, a creek. you can drive up and down the 'beaches' and in and out of the water. there is quite a bit of sand in the area. It gets extreamly busy durring the right part of the year on the weekends, I've heard of damn near traffic jams down there, as they watch people attempt the devils hole.
there are several trails down there that are kinda tight, and lot's of water. Most of the crap can be avoided tho, as I have taken my truck down there, with out pin striping it up, and also took my mothers '00 Mountaineer that was 1 months old at the time with temporary tags still on it to pull a jeep out of a sink hole. I had to stop a few times and bend some branches, but nary a scratch on it, but it was pretty dusty.