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anyone used eurolite super plasma bulbs?

hey guys

I am going to buy some headlight bulbs here soon,
I want Piaa's but can exactly afford them being in college and everything.....
I want bright white headlights but NOT BLUE HEADLIGHTS.

i see that the eurolite super plasma bulbs are coated with a light purple coating....anyone ever used these....they are supposed to be 30 percent brighter than their other bulbs to and are street legal..

any comments on eurolite super plasma bulbs?


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ill get flamed but here goes....spend the extra 40 and get the piaas.....not some knockoff brand...real piaas.... i am not dissing eurolites as i have never tried them but in my experience the piaas perform better than the "so called superwhites" that are really blue tinted.....:fire: :fire: :fire: let the flaming begin:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

see i'd love to get the Piaa's but i can't afford it i have a budget to stay in and 70 for some headlights it a bit out of my range........i just want to get rid of the nasty yellow headlights but not have them blue.

i'll say again i'm in college so i'm in a narrow budjet..

thanks though!!

My mom's Town & Country uses the Eurolite 9004 bulbs. They're street legal and they're really white. IMO, they're whiter than the PIAA's I have on my X.

do they have a hint of some bulbs have...which is actually alot of blue?
i am looking to have very very very little blue in the headlights

how do they look in the headlight in the day time?

your moms minivan might be brighter because of the clear lens. our explorers have the crappy dirty lens'. while minivans come with clear lens.

ok, usually i would recomend the PIAA's, they are insanely bright. over priced, but bright.

but your on a budget, and i understand that 100%. so im gonna tell you something. Sylvania Cool Blue's.

a buddy of mine has them on his ranger, and they are pretty bright. 13 bucks a bulb, so they dont break the bank.

the bulb is tinted blue, but that doesnt affect the actual light. (its there so that if you have clear lenses, the reflection in the daytime makes the lights look a bit bluer than natural. at night, they are money)

if they suck, you can always return them. but for 30 bucks, its not a bad price.

peace man.

i bought my mom a pair of sylvania cool blues for her birthday to put in her mazda. she loves them, they arent blue at all... just a clear white. and for 30 bucks, you cant go wrong.

Originally posted by jssong
your moms minivan might be brighter because of the clear lens. our explorers have the crappy dirty lens'. while minivans come with clear lens.

We have a '94 Town and Country, with the "crappy dirth lens."

EliteConcept, the bulbs don't have blue at all, and no yellow. The only color you see is white but that only applies to night time. In daytime, the bulbs are just as yellow as regular headlights.

Also, have you looked at the Syvania's Silverstar bulbs?? If not, check this out. This bulb's color temp is actually higher than the PIAA's I use right now. I saw it at Advance Autoparts for $25 each. It sounds very promising. Check it out. Here's the link to their website:

have u ever tried nokya headlight bulbs?

i just got really lazy and went to autozone and got sylvania silverstar bulbs..

nice whiteness, with no blue apperance in the headlight housing inthe day time.....

worth $50? maybe.....they chould be 10 less...but i like them...