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Anyone used one of the Doorman fuel filter quick disconnect fitting replacement kits?


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October 25, 2008
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98XLT 4WD SOHC,94XLT gone
great post.

I wish you had seen this sooner I'm in Palatine and would have just paid you to do it. whne you are doing one repair and it goes south its frustrating, but I usually work my way through it. But when both of these "simple maintenance items" went south at the same time and my daughter needed it for a daily driver, I got to the point that I didn't want to cut the flexible part of the fuel line and possibly make it worse for the shop that I had it towed to.

Plus, I had already taken two gasoline baths while laying on the floor under the filter and just wasn't looking forward to another episode of the Ford Fuel torture where it slowly drips gas on you while you are forced to lay under it.

And as a bonus I fighting alternator problem on an 81 VW rabbit convertible. I ordered both a voltage regulator and another alternator just in case. The drawing for the two wire VR show the wires reversed from the way the old VR was. The new alternator had a longer pulley extension that the old alternator even though they were the exact same part number. So it had been a rough week.
Just to close this out.

As I posted before, I gave up on this myself and had it towed in to a local shop that has treated me pretty good over the years (and is only 3 blocks away). Initially they wanted to drop the tank and rerun the entire line. But after we talked about it, the shop and I were both pretty scared about what other rusted components were going to break if they tried dropping the tank. So as I type this, they are going to plan B. They are going to cut the flexible braded hose off, put a flare on the metal fuel line. Then clamp fuel line hose to the metal line and run it to the fuel filter and clamp it there as well.

I might go back on my own and add a quick disconnect, but I doubt it, I just need this thing to run long enough to let my daughter drive back and forth to work and buy her some time to buy another car.

I will probably fix up a few more things, (decided if I need to replace the calipers on the front brakes after I get it back, and do the tie rods), then after my daughter buys a car this will become my car for home depot runs and getting milk in a blizzard.