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Anyone with the JL 12w7's?


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October 1, 2001
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'97 XL
I was wondering what you thought of them.

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I used to have them in my mountaineer.. ONe of them! powered by like 1000 watts!!! they are probably one of the best subs out there, the only problem is you need a SH*t load of watts to play with!!! They arent in my truck anymore but are in my girlfriend's IS300.

Stolen by the female. Ouch man, ouch.;)

haha not stolen.. I gave them to her as a gift of my appreciation towards our love!! haha

So basically they were stolen.;)

haha man... I guess if you really wanna call that.. They bump hard in my mountaineer, but even harder in her car.. I wanna buy another one and see if i can power it with like 1800 watts

I've got a 12w7 in the back of my explorer being powered by a JBL 1200.1 at the moment. I have my jl 1000/1 sent back to JL for some repairs that are covered under warranty. With either amp, it absolutely pounds! My back window has been reinforced with 3 extra layers of weatherstipping so that it's harder for the back window to bow. Even with it, it bows a noticeable 1/2". Before it bowed a good 1-1.5"!! The roof is also slammin up and down, reinforcing it will take a while tho :) . If you're lookin for a sub that can dish out some major bass, look into them. By some good glue so that you wont have to keep regluing your rearview mirror up. Mines fallen down about a dozen times now in the past 2 weeks. I've been into car audio for about 10 years and it's one of the top 5 subs i've ever worked with. I know a guy whos taken the 12w7 to a dumax machine and sent a 12w7 40,000 watts of power!!! No other sub could handle the power but the w7 did for 30 seconds before the voice coil fried. The w7s are amazing subs with some amazing power handling capabilities. I've strapped 3 jl 1000/1s to my sub and haven't had any probs with it except that it was a little much for a daily driver. With one jl 1000/1, i'm hitting just over 152. Go with the w7, you wont regret it!

I have the 12w7 also and only have a 500/1 jl running to it and it still rips apart any of my friends systems (some have 3 12's). My one buddy with a Chevy tried to show me off one night so i turned it up half way at 30 and he turned his all the way up.... i laughed and jacked mine to 52, winked at him and said "get 3 more"... Sure its an expensive sub but god damnit, i would do it again if i had the money.

yeh the 12w7 are amazing.. like i said before on this thread and nobody belives me that a clean powered JL 12w7 can out bump any two or maybe even three 12's out there!! I used to outbump my friends multiple 12's using just my one 12w7 and only 1000 watts from a kenwood amp!

Clarkkent: What kenwood amp were you using that put out 1000 watts @ 3ohms?? I'm not aware of a kenwood amp that CAN put that much power out but maybe I'm mistaking.... And, yes a clean powered 12w7 can get extremely loud but i've heard single 12 inch brahmas, Resonant Engineering x.., and Elemental Designs eDK that can hold there own with the w7s. All of those 3 listed have potential to blow the w7s out of the water when it comes to spl and "bumping". The w7s do however take them in sound quality. They are badass subs and do make a lot of bass, but there are others that can still get louder than the w7s. All around tho, i'd say the w7s are the best subs i've ever listened to

Your last comment about the EdK great :) To put a $120 dollar sub against a JL W7 :D

I'm an ED lover :)

Hey unrealer i forgot about the ed subs.. The sub I was referring to was the ed A series.. the k's are good subs but the A's were the ones I was referring to.. Sorry.

Still, the 10A is 1/2 the price of the JL :D

This is true.. partly.. The 10A will hold it's own against the w7 but will gets it's ass handed to it when comparing sound quality. I'm willing to bet that the 10w7 and 10a are about the same as far as spl goes tho.

I don't know, I'm pretty sure the W7 has more displacment potential.

Displacement aint everything.. Cone size vs cone size, they are virtually identical

can the EDK handle 5000watts of 20 Htz pink noise for 12 hours and still live. The W-7 will. I seen it do it the speaker was hitting so hard the cone seemed to be flattening out. the pole peice( the back of the magnet) was soo hot water misted on instantly evaperated. not mean subs can do that.


W7 certified by JL audio

First off 94ZebraRanger, try takin a little more time and try to make a bit more sense.. I had to read that post about 3 times before it made any sense to me.. Now, 5000 watts?? Thats nothing when it comes to comps man, i've seen 15" Shockers and x.. handle 10,000w for burps.. On a dumax I've seen someone test a w7 and put forth 40,000w(Yes 40,000 that is no typo) to a w7. The 12w7 took it for 30 seconds before frying the voicecoils but it did play for 30 seconds!! I dont think any other 12" sub has handled it for that long. Still, install is about 40% of the "loudness" in a car. You could have 10 w7 subs and with a ****ty install, hit in the 120 or 130 range. Plus, experience and a little creativity can make up for some serious spl numbers.

the W7 is a nice sub. most people that come into our shop get them in the HO box. My friend has a 13W7 in his jetta. it sounds great, not one of the loudest subs around, but it does have really good sound quality when played loud.

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how much is an 12 w 7?