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Anyway to adjust the seat back?

I searched and couldn't find anything

Long story short I was rear ended in my 91 explorer and everything was fixed up by the body shop except one thing and I don't feel like dealing with them anymore. The recline lever on the seats works like normal and none of the teeth are stripped. My problem is that when the seat locks into the first set of teeth for the most upright position the seat is still somewhat reclined. Is there some bolt or something for adjustment I can make to the seat to bring it up?

there is no adjustment :(

there is no adjustment :(

Well that sucks lol

I plan to take the seat cover off in the next week or so and see if I can see any visible damage

go to the junk yard an kop another seat?

I had thought about that route, but would rather not spend the money if I can help it. This is not my DD so im in no rush to fix it. I got busy this weekend so I didn't get the seats out to look at them yet. Also these seats are in nearly mint condition which is nice for an 18 year old truck.