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Anyway to mount struts to axle on leaf under?


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July 16, 2009
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1997 explorer sport
hey guys, just wondering id theres anyway to mount the struts on a spring under rear axle onto the axle like spring overs. Maybe weld the connectors on from a spring over. I have a 97 sport and it really makes me sad that i keep getting stuck just because of my shock mounts. Ive seen the mount skid plates but to my knowledge idk if anyone makes them anymore plus theyre kinda pricey to still have problems. Any suggestions?

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Of course you can mount them on top but then you have to consider the fact that the shock (not struts) will probably bottom out way before the rest of the suspension bottoms out.

So going from this to this should be no problem?

it seems they are at the same level and shouldnt compress any quicker. I read somewhere that some disconnected there rear sway bar and mounted them there. Is that ok? Will I get any bad driving effects from not having a rear sway bar?
Also, only having one leaf spring on my sport and spring under, is there any reason that the shock should be mounted to the leaf spring or was that just convenient for ford?

Sorry I misread your original post - I thought you meant mount the shock on top of the axle so that it doesnt scrape against obstacles.

sooo if i disconnect my rear sway bar and use the pro comp shock studs and mount my shocks where my rear sway bar was, will i have adverse side effects? Will my suspension be all out of wack because my shocks arent attached to my leaf?

any issues from moving shock mount locations?

saw a thread where a guy removed his rear sway bar then put some pro comp shock brackets there and then mounted his shocks there which seems like a wonderful idea to me because i seem to get caught up a lot where my shock comnnects to my leaf spring. So if u did this and then trimmed the u bolt mount it seems like you could get some good clearance. Anybody know of any adverse effects from this though? I have a 97 sport with only one leaf spring and i dont want to move it if it have some structural reasoning its there

I did that to mine only I welded on my own lower mounts. The issue I ran into is that the shock kept bottoming out because I had the stock bump stops and broke the lower mounts. I eventually moved them back to the spring perch and just reinforced it.

which lower mounts are you talking about? The ones on the spring perch or something else? And how did they break? Did they break because you moved the springs or were they already broken? Anddd can you replace the bump stops with bigger ones... Andddddd lastly howd you reinforce them?

id love to do a soa conversion if i had a way to lift the front just as easy. Dont want to ride around in a drag explorer. Any reason i shouldnt do it with spring under?

oyy vey... threads merged. in the future, please do not start two threads revolving around the same topic/issue/problem.

sorry guys, put it in the wrong section and couldnt delete it. never do it again i promise:(

But gmanpaint where did you buy them??

Depending on the amount of lift you have, you can go to napa and get the monroe self load adjusting shocks. i used these with rancho 9000xls in the front and ive never had such smooth ride. i pull an 18ft bayliner with my truck every weekend in the summer and they only let my rear suspension drop about a quarter of an inch. I dont have the exact part number but will get it shortly. hope this helps.

1995 explorer xlt 4dr, 1.5" wheel spacers, CAI, 31's, 2.5" tt, shackels.