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APIM replaced, standby for update


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October 11, 2011
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2012 Explorer Limited 4WD
During a two week period I received the blank screen upon start up four times. The first two times the screen returned after 2 minutes and 5 minutes respectively and the System Maintenance Screen. The next time took 10 minutes and the first time ever pulling the hard to reach under dash fuse. Finally, the fourth blank screen required 15 minutes and another fuse pull.

Brought it into service and during the force reload, the screen went blank. Diagnosis - new APIM & software download. Brought my Explorer back two days later as it needed a couple of days to download software from Ford and replace the APIM. Also learned that the connector to the screen became inoperative during the reload and required another day in service. Luckily, I received the Dealer Rate for a rental as I was out of the factory warranty and at 48,000 miles. I had a 2015 F-150 Ecoboost Crewcab. Which was a lot of fun.

Picked up my Explorer on the third day (Friday) near service closing. Paired up my phone and drove home.
During the weekend I noticed a several things were amiss:
1. Navigation was no longer available.
2. 911 assist was no longer available.
3. The station logos for satellite radio did not display. Words were there, just not the logos.
4. The "I" between the Home button and Settings (gears) button was gone.

Brought it back to service and after hooking it up to the computer, a special patch from Ford would need to be downloaded and installed. Mind you, I was informed that it could take 30 minutes to 4 hours to do. So I asked them to call me when the patch was ready and I would bring my Explorer in.

Called back today for an update and learned that a new software version was being rolled out Sunday night and it would be the newest version. I'm hoping that this will unfold smoothly.

Picture shows missing logo, Information instead of NAV and missing "I"


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er ahhh, by "new software version" do you know if they meant just a new patch version or ...some other software?

Hope for a smooth update:thumbsup:

I believe it's the next update and not something new.

I have a very good feeling your dealer messed up the install of the APIM. Oasis generally has a notifcation that it will be down for service when new changes are made (including updating SYNC) and no such notice has been given so far.

If you PM me you VIN number I can pull the history of the APIM replacement and see if they failed to program the APIM properly.

I believe it's the next update and not something new.
The latest MFT update for your vehicle is V3.6.2. It is a version owners can download from their SYNC account and I believe it takes about 50 minutes or so to download while your vehicle is running. Not entirely sure what you dealer is talking about.


BTW I looked into this for the OP after he provided me the VIN. The dealer left out most of the SYNC modules (programming stuff) which is why its all messed up.

BTW I looked into this for the OP after he provided me the VIN. The dealer left out most of the SYNC modules (programming stuff) which is why its all messed up.

Just like I mentioned in a previous rant about why current MFT owners are so frustrated with SYNC 3 not being backwards compatible. Owners, especially many of us on this forum know more about the current MFT/SYNC issues and updates then dealer techs do. This is yet another example to prove my point.

I hope the OP raises hell with the dealership GM or Service GM.

Hey everyone!

Since Jason already confirmed there was a slight issue with the install, I'll stick to the new update the dealership was referring to. Over the weekend, we released an update for the basic SYNC systems of 2010+ MY vehicles; there are no new updates for MFT at this time.

[MENTION=188961]scotted73[/MENTION] - If you haven't already done so, please contact your dealer again and advise them that the applications need to be installed on your vehicle. If you need any help, just shoot me a PM with your VIN, dealership, mileage, and best contact phone number.


Thanks Rebecca, Ford IVTteam, I'll present the list Jason provided to me when my vehicle goes in on Wednesday.

Received my Explorer back from Service this afternoon and all is well. Jason verified the install and the list of missing items was completed.
I presented a printed list to the service advisor at check in and he stapled it to the work order.