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approach angle?

I'm almost done doing my 4 link SAS to my DD/trail truck. I've pushed the front axle up and was wondering about the numbers I'm getting as far as the angle.
The body still needs to go up by adjusting the coil overs. I thought I'd ask the guys that have more knowledge on this subject and who have wheeled in places that this angle would help like out west.
Here in the east coast where I live it's mostly just forest trails.
Or is it just really BS and only good for brag purposes and that number and $2 will get you a cup of coffee.
Here's what I'm getting. Again I'd like to hear from guys that... been there done that, not web surfing know it alls.


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Well Rick, unless your doing a bunch of rock climbing or very steep hills, you at a good angle.

Here is Haze.



Directly in front of the tire.


Unless your planning on doing this a lot, your fine.


Approach angle is good but breakover is where your going to get hung up.

But then again coming out of holes would be for approach.

What a reply, that is just great. Was not ready for this reply.
No bragg just facts right there, great shots.
Wish my X did not die on me for a tow truck or I'd yank the tags and in goes the 5:38s doubler and some real tires. Oh well, one day.
For now it takes more kids to school then trails.
OK, I'm not adjusting the links out any further for in increased angle. Unless they're some serious rocks that just got dumped into the school parking lot.
That last pic makes me glad I've got a receiver mounted winch. Could always take out if going down something like that. Then mount if rear if can't get out.

Just a LITTLE bragging. LOL

The bigger reason to push the axle front is firewall clearance.


I have never measured mine so I am not sure what the angle is. I also now have 37"s instead of the 35"s pictured. I have hit that bumper many times on rocks. If I could get better I would. I think my front axle is forward about 3-4 inches. My drag link misses the front diff by less the a quarter of an inch. Most of the time I hit are on trails like the hammers. Other wise it works fine.

Thanks RR, that's about how far mine is.

Mine is not that great- its a tad worse than RockRangers... the only time its been an issue is sharp tall ledges- the solution was and is rev limiter. Not kidding, plant the weight on the rear tires with the little pedal on the right and pray. Every single time its zipped up and over. Of course, this is not going at them on a 90 degree angle you have to line up at about a 45 or 50 and get one tire started first.

To add- thats one of my future projects, that is to put the winch inside the grill and build a new bumper. Ive put it off because i like the one i have alot even though its an approach eater.

I found on my SAS that I was really close to the limit on how far my axle could go forward at about 3.5". When I ran heim steering and a stock pitman arm I think I could have gotten away with a little more. Now that I am running Cheby TREs and a drop pitman arm, my upper drag link TRE makes contact with my Tie Rod during hard compression (both tires). I am currently working on a solution for that with a longer pitman arm (1/2" would do). Anyway, I found myself wanting a better approach angle so I put my bumper on a diet and sucked the winch further back. I think 90 degrees would be great, but in our platform it would require some serious mods (steering box or full hydro). I think you will be happy with your angle. If want more, you can alway rework the bumper and gain a few inches. With my current setup I can hit a face a little crooked and not hang up. I am sure you will have the front travel to do this too. To echo another post, my hang up seems to be my breakover. Your short wheelbase should help with that though.


I hope that wasn't the know it all web wheeler response you weren't looking for....

No that was the responce I like, great info.
I'm sure once I start testing mine I'll find certain issues that have to be fixed.