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ARC Compressor "clicking" but Nothing else


November 5, 2007
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Blackpool Lancashire
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1998 Explorer XLT 4Ltr
Still trying to check the Self level suspension or 'Automatic Ride Control' as its called in workshop manual. Found that everytime the doors are opened; a second after there is a short clicking noise around the rear suspension as if the compressor is trying to work.
Is there anywhere I could find some better pictures & info regarding this as the details in worshop manual are rubbish??

1 other thing i've found is that the Power Distribution Box (fuse box) under the bonnet is different to the one which is shown in the owners manual.

The one thats in is approx 12"x4" in size and at the left end there are 14 large fuses in 2 rows and the right end consists of 5 relays and 8 small fuses across the centre.
The one shown in the manual shows 2 rows of 5 large fuses divided by 12 small fuses and then different relays at other end.
Can anyone let me have diagram of the PDB that I have showing what fuse/relay is for, or tell me where I could find it.
Again all the Workshop manual does is show you the picture but gives no info about wots in!!