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are stock sway bars hollow?


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July 1, 2005
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Jackson, MS
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2004 explorer xls
Howdy crew...
I'm doing some research (and have been doing for a while) to get the best aftermarket sway bar kit for my x (2004 xls)... I still don't know if the stock are hollow or not...

eibach has a kit, but the rear sway is hollow... addco or adcco has another rear sway for the x, but I have not gotten a straight answer from them as to whether or not their product will fit my application...

and there is the ee helper spring (not really a sway, but is aimed to do the same... right?)...

the question is if any of you out there has any dimentions to compare stock with aftermarket.


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I see, so is there a point on buying aftermarket sways that are the same width as the stock?


I do not know the diameter of your year rear bar, but on the ND generations, the EE rear bar is quite a bit larger and is a great mod. There is no need to replace the front on the 2nd generation.

Look at the EE site and the dimensions are there.

My current one is 2004 4.0 xls.... the only thing that ee makes is the hellwig helper leaf-looking thing... I used to have a 2001 x sport (2-door) and I had the ee rear sway.... I loved it... I whish they make it for the 3rd-gen x.... I even called them, to ask for a customized one, but I guess I was not taken seriously....