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are they worth it?

January 23, 2000
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I was just wondering if changing the sparkplugs and wires in my truck are worth it. Do they add horsepower or help with gas milage? and if they are effective the which combination should i go with? I know I should get Bosch +4 plugs but what about wires? any advice would help me out. Dead Link Removed

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I am considering changing my plugs and wires too. It is mostly to help with fuel economy but it may add a very small amount of extra power. As for the wires I would go with Splitfires. Do a search aand you will find many posts about Bosh and Splitfires. I think that they have a rebate starting now on their wires. I have heard good things about the Bosh/Splitfire combo so this is probably what I am going to do after my brushguard is installed.
Hope this has helped.

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Plug wires and plugs do not increase horse power. If they start going bad they will decrease horsepower and gas milage. When you change them, you get back what you lost from them being bad. any good after market wire should do. Jacobs, Magacore, Splitfire, they will all do better than the stock wires.
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Okay now that I know what combination I should use, where do i get the wires from? I know where I can get the plugs from but I need to know where I can get some of the wires. I've looked at advanced auto and on summit and Spitfires homepages but I have no luck in finding where I can get them and how much they cost.

97 4x4
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You can try Pep Boys. If they don't have them in stock, they can order them for you.

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AgExplorer, i see you are runnin' jacobs wires, so am i and i cant tell you enough good about them. i couldnt find anything local for my 93 so i ordered them from jacobs. been runnin them about nine months now, and when the time comes to replace them i will buy another set, oh sorry what am i thinking, they are warranteed! FREE REPLACEMENT! gotta love that.

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From what I remember on my Splitfire wires, they also have a lifetime replacement warranty. They also offer a 30 day money back warranty if you are not happy with them.

91 XLT 4x4

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Okay I have another question... A friend of mine told me that i should try running MSD wires... He said he talked to a guy at summit who said that MSD wires are better than the most expensive wires... SO anyone here ever run MSDwires? are they any good?

97 4x4
4.0L v6 SOHC

The MSD wires are very good.Most of the cars in nascar use them.Many drag racers use them also,if than tells you any thing.hope this helped.

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The 4+ bosch plats and splitfire wires increased my gas mileage by approx. 2-3 mpgs. This was what i was hoping for after spending that kind of $$$. The 4+ plugs made an incredilbe difference in the overall performance of my xplorer. The engine idles and runs extremely smooth with these plugs. BTW--I ordered the splitfire wires from Sears automotive. Took about 4-days to get them. In my opinion, YES, they are worth it.


shawna l.

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how much do the wires alone cost? such as splitfire