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Are you happy with your Goodyear MT/Rs? (photos)

Are you happy with your Goodyear MT/Rs?

I've been waiting for my Thornbirds to wear down enough so that I could get new tires. I've been thinking of 36's but lately the 35" Goodyear MT/R has been repeatedly on my list. Are you guys that have them happy? I'm still not 100% sold on the idea of radials off road but I'm starting to like the Goodyears. If you can give me a lsit of pros and cons I'd appreciate it.

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I can't give an opinion on the Goodyears, other than I think they look good. I'd love to get a set, if I had the money, but I don't. As for radials, I've seen excellent results with the TSL Radials :)

Paul, I've had BFG muds for six years and swore by them, but I just switched to MTR's. I've been out to Truckhaven twice so far, and love them. I think they are the new best offroad tire (radial).
If you want to stay with a bias ply, how about the TSL-SX?


They perform very well on the Rubicon this past summer also!

I'm thinking I want to try the Goodyears that's why I'm asking. :)

Love the fact that I went several places in 2wd my roommate was slipping in 4hi in his cherokee with 31 BFG AT's. Several factors go into play for this but they are really badass. I also like that they fit well, They are not quite 35 inches as no tire is. They spec out at 34 1/4" but with a tape measure and my rims they end up a hair over 34.
There is something about how you see these on so many shows and magazines in all the big rigs, it is like they are taking the industry by storm.

Does anyone have a pic of the MT/Rs at low pressure. I'm looking for a set of tires for my beadlocks and its come down to another set of Claws or the MT/Rs. Also how is the sidewall strength on the MT/Rs. Anything as tough as the Claws are.

The GoodYear MTR's have a re-enforced sidewall similar to that of the BFG's.. ... basically its a tri-guard side wall, but BFG has rights to the name. I Sold a set of Black Bead lock rims and GoodYear MTR's to one of my customers and he loves them both..........especially at low pressure.........

This is at 15 PSI. I have only been on one trip with them but am sold. The only time they didn't grab was going up a soaking wet waterfall that had about a 75 degree angle and was taller than my wheel base and when towing arsoul across a 1.5 ft deep river crossing after he wedged his tire on a big rock.


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Check out the right rear on this one


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well..i think im prolly gonna be the only TSL advocate here...but i can't say they are better as i have never driven the mtr's. but what i can say, is for how we wheel here....(ie snotmuddy trails up, down, sideways, diagonal...basically an MC Escher painting with mud) the TSL's do great!!! Im gettin another set at the end of this winter...just bigger than my 36's....the traction is amazing!! my $.02

Studdedx, I only haved a picture on video on how well they work at low tire pressure, but I can say that I had them at 11 psi when I did the Rubicon this summer on a non beadlock rim and a loaded down truck and they never once came off the bead. I can not say that with my old BFG M/T. Rick should have a photo of his MTR's at low psi and with his beadlock rims.

Rick, how about it, do you have a picture?

I've been running mine at ten, and I will try lower next trip.

Here's a quote from the Jan '02 Four Wheeler 6 mud tire test.
"In our opinion, the MTR is a superior tire for rockcrawling, and performs better than most other tires in all other situations in which you might want to use them. If you had to pick just one tire, you couldn't go wrong with a set of MTR's."

I know I've seen a pic of Rick's MTRs on his beadlocks with something like 3-5 psi. Looked pretty sweet. I do also remember something about Rick not liking those tires though.

I believe the pic you saw and the related comments was in reference to the MT Baja Claws. He sold tghose to get the Goodyears...


performance i don't know about... but they look bad a$$! saw some on a nissan xterra today and they even made it look good. i wish my tread would wear off now so i could get a set.


I made a comparison in tire heights at various PSI between the MTRs and the Baja Claw Radials. Mickey Thompson's rep told me at the SEMA show that an aired down MTR and an aired down Baja Claw bias ply measure the same.

All measurements were taken using a straight edge layed across the top of the tire. Measured on the rear of the vehicle.

Here are the facts...

35x12.50-15 MTR

33-1/2" @ 30PSI
33" @ 11PSI
32-3/4" @ 6PSI

35x13.50-15 Baja Claw Bias Ply

33" @ 30PSI
32-1/2" @ 11PSI
32 - 1/4" @ 6 PSI






Claw 30PSI


Claw 11PSI


Claw 6PSI

Notice the sidewall on the Claws. They don't really bulge at low pressure they jsut fold over and put more of the side biters into the ground making for a wider foot print.

The foot print of the MTR stays about the same, but the side walls bulge.

Which is better? Good question. I would like to do a real world comparison sometime.

I m thinking of going with either the 35x1250x15 MTR's or some 36x1250x15 TSL SX's. They would be for offroad only, and to be used mostly on rocks. Can anyone compare the two of those tires?

Ok Riff, it's your turn. Measure those 36's for us at the same pressures I used. Go all the way down to 6PSI too... since the TSLs are bias ply the sidewalls should hold up well at that pressure...I think.:confused:

To keep things as even as possible measure a rear tire.

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ok....seeing as how im at work now...ill do it tonight and post on here at about 1:30 or so. bueno? and i don't know if it will effect the results any...but mine are on 15x8 rims.