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October 10, 2004
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Winter Springs, Florida
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98 Sport
I have a 98 Sport 4.0 OHV with 103k miles (automatic tranny). It has been running fine except lately it has a whine to it when it starts up it has a rough idle. When I put it into reverse from park it clunks and makes alot of weird noises. Also when I put it from drive to park and let off the gas it rolls for a second then clicks into park. Please tell me what the problem could be and hopefully nothing serious is about to break. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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the whine may be the iac.....there is a thread in the useful thread section on how to clean it with lots of pics....try that

as for the tranny make sure it is full of fluid

Thanks for the help. I am pretty new to cars I will check out the thread. Also I forgot to mention that my CEL has been coming on and off since I bought the car but lately it has been on for a solid week. I checked the fluid for the tranny their is plenty dunno whats up with it though. I would like to get all the fluids changed but dunno where to go and how much it would cost for something like that, I dont wanna do it myself and mess something up.

go to autozone and get the codes read, its free, and then come back here and someone will be able to tell you what that code means and point you in the right direction on what needs replacing

and talk around town and find out who is a reputable mechanic and take it to them, they will be able to help you get your truck back into tip top shape since you done feel comfortable doing it yourself

The code that came up was PO153 and it said "Bank 2 Sensor 1." So what does this mean? The guy said I would need new MAS for the front and back and it would cost around $120.

i think that is your o2 sensors, maybe try searching with the code in the search field, i am sure there are other s around who have had the same problem

I searched but really couldnt find an answer. I have no idea where the sensors are is their a guide I can use to find them and can they be cleaned or do I need to buy 4 new sensors?

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Can someone help me out? I dont got the money to have the car looked unless this is some kind of serious problem.

Yea I saw that thread but I have no idea what exactly the MAS is. Also what is a sawsall?

sawzall is a cutting device...that part is a joke in that thread...dont cut your o2 sensors off ;)

MAS is an airfolw sensor on the intake routing

Well I know the general area but it would help to see a picture and also how can I clean it and with what and is that even possible?