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Arizona Run, Spring 2003 Photos!


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February 8, 1999
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thats my baby to bad i was'nt ther to drive to but at least keven got to have some fun in it

FAKRWEE's photos from Friday:
Tom Rios's photos:
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Hello All,
I was just posting on the other page and Wham it was closed.
Anyway, US 60 is closed at Mesa Drive from Eleven tonight 2/21/03 to 8:00 AM tommorow morning 2/22/03.
If anyone is traveling to any of the runs and needs to use the US 60/ Superstition Freeway you need to give your self some time.

I just got my truck back from getting the headers installed. I also installed a new cat and cat back exhaust. It is not a loud as I wanted it but it has a nice low rumble. It really stinks though. Sorry about that in advance:fart:

See you all tommorow,
Now to check out the pics from today.

Kevin Cross's photos:
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What run is this?
Looks pretty knarly.
Is that Winter I see?
I can go anywhere with him spotting :)

That's Lower Terminator. I DO NOT reccomend it for the Suburban. We are going to run Raw Deal tomorrow then Lower Terminator again.

get stuck Rick?

Yep, got a bit high centered :D

everyone on this run locked at both ends? I was working on my truck this evening and might have the locker working but not certain. Just wondering if I can run it with guaranteed 3wd and a winch?????

Suburban is running Sundays runs with us. He has some side jobs (window tinting) to do Saturday.
He would like to come to the part Saturday night. I told him no problem, $50 bucs and he is in :)

I have a locker in front and a Auburn Pro Series limited slip in the rear. You should be able to make it.

12:30 AM
Time to go night night.
Everything is loaded and gased up.
See ya at 9:00AM

12:30? i thought you guys were on the same time zone as us? its only 11 here..... well, everyone... have fun tomorrow.... and no breaking anything... and if you are going to break anything anyways, make sure it is on tape, so the ones that couldnt go luagh at your mishaps ;)

Jeeze, those are some bad a$$ pics, lookin real good.
I have never seen you stuck rick...guess there is a first time for everything.

This thread just proves that living/wheeling in Minnesota SUCKS!!! :(

I saw people in T-shirts! It's February, for god's sake! It JUST isn't fair!
Colder than my ex-wife's mammary up here! I took the X thru a touchless car wash yesterday, and by the time I got home the doors were frozen shut! Got to get that goofy road salt off of it,tho...

Have fun, everyone! Keep the pic's coming!


ps: I guess I wouldn't mind it up here if the temp outside wasn't 30 degree's colder than my refrigerator!!!!

I know, I will put make some changes, I did not realize I had so much till I finished it and posted for the first time.

getting ready to leave here in a few....everyone be safe out there and take lots of awsome pictures:D

Here are my shots from Raw Deal.
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We ended up spending so much time on Raw Deal that we couldn't run Lower Terminator with the full group. Full group is a relative term though. We started with 9 and lost 2 at the first obstacle.

First of all, there was a lot of water trapped in bowls carved out of the rock terrain. The water was inevitably right in front of the obstacles to be climbed so traction was not at it's best. msupertek, grenaded a manual hub knocking him out of the run. He went back to Phoenix and picked up a new hub from FLY-N-HI. Jefe found his front PowerTrax has quit working for him. No power was being transmitted to one tire at all so he was out for the rest of the run as well.

On Lower Raw Deal's last obstacle Danny Boy got hung up and pulled his rear driveshaft apart, that was an easy fix. He wasn't as lucky on Upper Raw Deal though. As he was climbing the last hill his manual hub blew.

Next up for carnage was Justin McNeil. He had just started up the hill when we heard a nice loud snap. Justin blew the U-bolts on his rear drive shaft off the yoke. I just happened to have an extra set and he was on his way in short order.

The worst carnage of the day was with the milder group. On the way back from the trail offroadkc (driving Robb's Jeep) didn't see a stop sign and T-boned a new Grand Cherokee. Kevin said he was doing about 45 and barely had a chance to slow down. Thankfully Kevin and Robb are fine. The passenger of the Cherokee wasn't in great shape, but her injuries weren't too severe. Her husband seemed fine.

That was the culmination of a day full of carnage for their group as well. I'll let some of their guys tell the story on that though.

We still have a day to go and I know tomorrow's runs will be awesome:D

Whos the guy with the black explorer??


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Which black Explorer? There are two. The one with the hood scoop is Paul Bredehoft the other one is Jeremy Hammer.